Synthetic Life

' Reading the text above, I of bus remembered certain day, not very distant, come, of a great city of the interior of the state, I listened to a colloquy very stranger, who if uncurled between two passengers who travelled soon in the armchair behind minha' '. He was two young youngsters, of whom they make the young women to suspirarem, blond of blue eyes, of a meter and ninety or, speaking with one sotaque americanizado, but more perfectly understandable one stature raised, perhaps. The colloquy turned on the family of the two, they talked on, as they would go to say the definitive person who, was unaware of part of its infancy, as one of them, it did not remember where had been born, nor of who age its parents. One of them said that only it remembered to have waked up in that hospital, that in, truth was a laboratory. Suddenly it came me the head, a horrible thought; he will be that those youngsters were exactly human, or binicos rubores, or, or knows there what. The trip transcorreu without bigger problems, taking off the hard jolts and catabios provoked for the holes, of asphalt all good ran.

In the landing, what I saw one those young to make I was chocking. One of them after to go down of the bus was ties a wall, pulled a wire of its pocket, in the tip of this had one plug, it threaded in a taking, it took off some thing of the other pocket and threaded in the ear, and it started if to twist as if it was feeling much pain. I astonish in foot looking at everything that, without understanding nothing, followed my way. Later, thinking with calmer, I found that it was to hear music, and with this thought I was to take care of of my life. But now with this I announce already I do not accept more the explanations of my brain saying that those youngsters were to listen to music, not, today I I know that those men were really Clones children without espritos, soul, the blow The holy ghost of GOD, father without mother, without love, total unprovided of feelings. More information is housed here: Deccan Value. This constatao in scares until today, is very sad when I think that I can is seated to the side of that it does not feel Pain. Because he is son of a Plate mother, Of: Bartolomeu Teixeira Young chicken