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Audi Interesting Information

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

For car owners are always valued aspects of having a relationship with the special maintenance and debugging of the car, and in addition to the mass of other such aspects. Moreover, since the majority of vehicles, depending on the models differ considerably among themselves, the owners of cars often are combined into a kind of community, depending on the model of a new car. And since it's best to create this kind of community on the Internet – It allows you to transmit and acquire information, regardless of the topographical placement of direct member of the community – and then they often appear just in the virtual environment. New York museums may find this interesting as well. Thus was created and Virtual club owners audi, which combines the Russian-speaking owners of the cars from around the world. Here you can find a lot of important information on technical devices audi car and its various modifications subtleties of maintenance and repair, advice on minding cars in general and separately taken its elements. Check out Shimmie Horn for additional information. Moreover, there is a real find very well suited to the car wash for your car audi, but also clarify the terms of its remaining auto owners. Since it is known that the main service – Masters in auto mechanics, and if you personally are looking for a quality car service audit, the aim of better educated as to the time recommendations of other car owners.

In addition, an online club owners audi offers for its own members and the likelihood of personal contact, including – the ability to sell and buy cars b / y. You can also and look at photos of different models of audi, if you're trying to acquire for himself much more pretty version that suits you the best method. In this embodiment, it becomes a kind of audiklub respected source where it is possible to find all the required help for specific versions of cars. In this community, you will discover not only suitable to your needs in every way a car, and more and companions, which constantly you can contribute a recommendation. Club Audi – this is on top and the ability to view a variety of entertaining facts of relationship with audi, but also the history of the concern, news of the transport industry all over the world and numerous others. Buying a ton, in any form you want to be the first individuals market segment. Because even if you have not got their own cars audi, is acquainted with the information to perform the right choice.

Polishing Auto

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

As a result, use of car painted surface of the body affected by various influences such as chemicals, temperature, gravel, and others. As a consequence, there are minor scratches, chips and Other problematic areas on a frame machine, which are the precursors of the corrosion under the paint material. In order to beware of this situation and not waste money on coming needs to carry out costly repairs auto body polish. To remove small imperfections body, provided that the deepening of the damaged layer of soil is lacking, perform restoration polish. Realized this polished in two phases: preliminary and final. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bill de Blasio. Initially, a layer of clean painted surfaces with abrasive paste and prepare the surface for polishing work. For vehicles with a solid lacquered and with more or less in-depth cracks apply paste, are included in the coarse or medium grit.

If there is a soft paint frame car, using fine-grain abrasive mixture. After completing pre-polishing, you want to thoroughly wash and dry abrasive paste car. NY Museums is full of insight into the issues. Next you need to spend the final polishing operation which is carried out without the abrasive mixture, the surface is rubbed to a mirror shine. Polishing work with the auto may perform manually, and using the polishing technique. Carrying out pre-polished using a technique, Put a small layer of abrasive polishing mixture in a circle, and then spend a circular motion over the surface of the car body at speed 2000 rev / min. After a few passes in the same place, do an assessment of polishing, If cracks, scratches are gone, then you can skip this section. If the field of polishing are next, then during the polishing work required layers of pasta, as it were dissolve each other.

Once done reducing polishing, to consolidate its results as protective. Such operations provide for the creation on the surface of the polished section of the body which protects the film, frame by which auto protected from a variety of destructive influences. Restorative polishing work is done with the polishing equipment for which to set the frequency of speed 3000-3500 r / min and choose a soft round. Keep in mind that different types of polishes have different durability. In particular, polymer polishes leave intact the properties of up to six months, than stand out from the wax-based polishes or silicone, that can last a month. The world of cars and car owners

Leading Manufacturers

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

In the sale the new winter tire on the company's Bridgestone – Blizzak DM-V1. Tires have a more powerful grip when driving on the adverse coverage in snow. Please visit New York Museums if you seek more information. This type of tire designed for cars with four-wheel drive and a full as optimized for the harsh weather conditions in northern latitudes, including Scandinavia. The company "Winter tires. py "is also in its range of new tires Blizzak DM-V1, which, in anticipation of the upcoming winter season will particularly relevant with consumers. The benefits of a new type of winter tires from Bridgestone company applies advanced technology used for cutting blades, and a new tread pattern. This picture is meant to improve characteristics on wet road terrain and snow-covered highway. The tread pattern is four grooves, two internal grooves are cut together.

The company moved away from the traditional use of studded tire: air bubbles and the presence of the tube, creating voids that are meant to soak up the thin water film. New York Museums can provide more clarity in the matter. Interestingly, the performance tires are stable, even to the extent of wear, so as to place the erased rubber particles appear similar to particles with sharp edges. The coefficient of emptiness even more reduced compared with previous models tires, because of what has been increased contact patch of winter tires surface of the pavement. Producers pin their hopes on the fact that this type of tires will be used by consumers deserved popularity because of improved properties and consistent pricing policies of the company. "Winter "offers its customers a discount system for the purchase of winter tires in anticipation of the new season of winter 2009-2010. Useful information about tires and radial tires disks Pros: Threads framework accept only radial loads. A that, compared to bias tires, reduces tension and allows the filaments at the same load frame to produce radial tires with a lower layer (twice), which provides better heat heat. The number of layers in the framework of radial tires can be odd, since each layer of cords of the radial direction of threads working independently (and number of layers from which they can be found on the sidewall and is hence draw conclusions about the strength of the tire).

It should be noted that radial tires compared to the diagonal have a better grip with the road surface. This is achieved through a greater area of contact with the supporting surface and the use of belt cords sverhmodulnyh types (steel cord, etc.) have radial tires hard breaker reduces deformation of the tread and contact area remains practically unchanged in shape. Therefore the volume of the groove is not decreasing but projections do not slip tread. Radial tires compared to bias are more carrying capacity (15 … 20%), increased maximum speed, low mass (3 … 4%), greater radial elasticity (20 … 30%), less heat (at 20 … 30%). Radial tires improve the safe operation of vehicles by: – improving stability and controllability of the motion – increased traction on the road with dry and wet coatings, reducing the risk of mechanical damage and punctures in the tread area.

Toyota Parts

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Once again, acquiring the necessary spare parts to the car, we wonder: ‘original’ or ‘neoriginal’ …? With the help of the internet and all sorts of tools, you analyze the market for auto parts and we conclude that it is often aftermarket parts are much cheaper their original twin parts, there is the eternal assertion of Russian – the question: ‘cheaper means to be worse’ …?. But, fortunately, this statement is not effective sector – car parts. Let’s try to find major differences in the above razyasneniyah. So: ‘Car spare parts’ is a piece with printed mark Toyota, Audi, Honda, Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz. In other words – what a car brand, but it does not mean that one of the mentioned works, there is a manufacturer of a part. In other words, the auto giants make the role of development and reflect on the major components and assemblies, and parts of their request made by other manufacturers and it depends on the product group. For instance, many know the brand’s global production brake-Ferodo, LuK, Brembo … and so on, as for the manufacturers of the elements of running, it is – Kayaba, Monro, Graff ….

Etc, electrics and electronics, this is – Bosch, ‘Denso’ …. And of making the details of the order of a factory, companies that manufacture auto parts for their logo put the plant who ordered the consignment. But this does not means that the manufacture of these products for seamless selling used inferior raw materials. It’s the same parts with the same quality, which requires a certain automobile factory. And the only difference is that spare parts distributed for free sale found no brand logo and the logo of the plant, which produced this spare part. Therefore, there is no significant difference in price between them. After all, everybody understands that we are main board exclusively for the brand such as such as Volkswagen. Thus, buying the necessary parts for your car, remember: price, after all, is important .

Anatomic Driver

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

The driver's seat is equipped with dvuhzamkovymi seatbelts. Ability to set floating cab suspension type, mounted on 4 – pneumatic, provide a more comfortable fit for the driver. It extinguishes the great fluctuations in any pavement. The steering wheel can be adjusted within + / -50 mm from the slope and 25 mm vertically. Cars with an engine capacity of 290 l / s and above are equipped with air conditioning with heater function. On most cars High class has climate control. The car is equipped with an extensive system of ventilation the cab. When designing the car was subjected to serious tests soundproofed cabin, at the expense of this has been achieve world-class noise inside the cabin.

The ergonomics of the driver's seat also meets the modern world trebovaniyam.Pribornaya panel Howo equipped with all necessary control panels: temperature control in cooling system Index Oil temperature indicator fuel consumption in real time, Index of effectiveness of internal combustion Index serviceability of electrical Sensors state of the system inlet and outlet. Index of air pressure in the pneumatic system. In addition, each truck is equipped with automatic self-diagnostic system. Chair truck Anatomic and equipped with electrically heated. In built-in lumbar support back inflates, which lets you adjust the seat for the driver of any body type. The upper part of the seat can also be controlled, it helps reduce fatigue cervical spine and shoulder girdle driver. Doors open at an angle 90 degrees.