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Night-Vision Goggles

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

The famous night-vision devices, although related to night vision devices, but they work, usually in the higher parts of the spectrum, and require that at least some coverage of some vneschnego or even infrared illuminator, so that this is not exactly what will be discussed. In the course of normal pitch darkness of night vision devices are not very much good, which, however, can not be said about working at low frequencies thermographic device. This type of devices capable of receiving termoizluchenie remote sites and convert it into visible images. so we can study the spectral traces of celestial bodies, or, for example, the temperature of passengers at airports during epidemics. A few years ago they were worth big money and is a very dimensional devices, today, these technologies have been proposed in the 'new package'. And they are suitable for mass use. Thermal radiation is produced by any object at a temperature above zero degrees Kelvin or -273 C. To visualize this radiation requires special equipment or infrared camera.

The American company Flir, known for its thermography techniques in the industry, offering consumer portable and very compact monochrome thermographic camera, designed for a wide range of uses, like power structures, the researchers studying the night life and even .. children! Of course how useful will Oonah kakzhdomu of the categories listed above question is quite controversial, but fairly clear one – 'toy' has been very entertaining. And who will find it application is another matter harakreta. The price of this device, however, even very 'grown-up – 3000 dollars. At the same time, it is much cheaper than the military designs of thermographic devices with approximately the same characteristics. We recall once more that the usual infrared radiation survey corresponds to a temperature between 250 C and 500 C, while the range of thermography is much more broad: from -50 C to over 2000 C. Source: M-BOX

Proper Digital Camera

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

The tourist season is already gaining momentum and if you do not what to take pictures on vacation, it's time to buy a digital camera. Developers cameras do not stand still and offer us more and more new development. In this review we will consider new and not very technology, without which the camera in 2009, if not obsolete, then it is not very relevant. Technologies that are already entrenched in digital cameras, such as searching for the person or smile detection should be promoted. For example, there is a pending feature image, where a person can set the camera, press the button and go quietly into the shot, the camera can wait and determine as soon as the new face of frame a picture. There will be a function of the group photo, the camera will determine not just one person, it will help make higher-quality picture with a large number of people in the frame. Likely to become standard treatment scene recognition, ie the camera will analyze the space frame itself, given the brightness, contrast, object distance and overall background, and then picks the optimal settings the picture.

Also Chamber will support more formats, including support for recording high-definition video (720p) and the presence HDMI output for viewing on your TV directly from the camera. The matrix size or number megapixels. Most likely, the 2009 race for the number of megapixels will cease, and the developers focus their efforts in other directions. Consequently, the number of megapixels the camera from 8.0 to 12.1 will be very relevant.