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Design Of Protective Structures

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

Today, the construction of buildings is very much appreciated how well executed the design of buildings and structures. The project includes construction of a new facility master plan for the future of the building, thinking through architecture, technology and design solutions. At the same stage of thought over a plan of water supply and sewerage, electricity, heating and ventilation. Perhaps check out Rudy Giuliani for more information. In the project should be excluded various inaccuracies. Activities of enterprises are always risks associated with disasters and emergencies. To prevent them at the state level was introduced msds companies in various industries.

This document defines the procedure in emergency situations for staff and residents of communities surrounding the company, and develop safety data of the enterprise to determine whether a building safety, to determine the adequacy of capabilities to deal with threats and ensure the implementation of measures for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations. Existing businesses may be adversely impact on the environment. Any production is always evaluated by environmental factors – how it affects people and nature. To read more click here: Rudy Giuliani. To increase the ecological validity of the enterprise necessary to conduct environmental design – the development section "Environmental Protection". The purpose of this document – to determine the state of the environment, determine the cost of restoration of natural conditions, determine the nature of interaction between enterprises and the environment.

In enterprises is always a risk of fire, especially in hazardous enterprises. For such enterprises, carried out development plrn or osrp. This document containing a plan of oil spill response and nefteperoduktov. Development plrn (or OSRP) defines the measures and actions for prevention, early detection and elimination of consequences of possible emergencies. osrp defines what security personnel, residents of settlements, the environment.

Country House

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Architectural and technological features building homes today are endless, because building a house – it's largely a matter of expression. Detailed design of a country house starts with the problem and study of the concept and image building. Based on these data is a set of drawings which will form the basis for realization in the life of your dreams of a country house. Must make a serious emphasis on all sections developed by the project – it's water, sewerage, heating, ventilation and electricity. Only a professional account of the design ensures long life of the home. Cerberus Capital Management has plenty of information regarding this issue.

This phase of work involves detailed design of the engineering part, which includes calculations of the foundation, floors, structural assemblies, elements of facades, roofs, and the selection and calculation of building materials. Despite the emergence of new building materials, designs homes with walls made of concrete and expanded clay concrete blocks shall continue to enjoy steady demand. For decoration of buildings made of cellular concrete uses a variety of materials – front brick, stucco exterior, covered with acrylic-latex paint, siding. One of the most popular building materials in Russia has always been a tree because of its aesthetic and environmental performance. Wooden house not requires exterior, in a house warm in winter and hot in summer.

Central Russia

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Consider first the choice of power system, since other issues are discussed in the relevant sections. Each of the systems in the range of all manufacturers is designed for installation on a particular area, eg, 2-4 meters These power chosen from the condition that the specific power system must comply with heat loss in the surrounding area of this room and the length of the section allows you to produce a layout in this area with possible steps (from 5 to 15 cm). Methods of accurate calculation of heat loss is described in snip II-3-79, but for simplicity, should be calculated for the conditions of Central Russia and averaged conditions of construction, from the values of 120-140 W / sq. It should also be noted that heating section, usually falls on some (10-20 cm) away from the walls, while even more comfortable – only free furniture area. Thus, when the main heating device in a room 3 x 5 m to choose a system capacity of at least 140 x 3 x 5 x 1.2 = 2.5 kW, while at the device comfortable heating will be sufficient to establish a system for free from the furniture area of 9 sq. m.

120 x 9 x 1.2 = 1.3 kW This safety factor is taken 1.2. Obviously, that from one or another answer to the question of appointment of power has changed almost doubled. The calculation is very simple, but usually have to take into account the particular premises, which include: first and last floors of buildings rooms with large glazing – conservatories, bay windows, balconies premises with insufficient thermal insulation enclosing structures (thin walls, balconies, etc.).