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Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

… Is necessary that it has in the market an amount of financial headings such that these can at any time be eliminated, what it assumes economic and financial mechanisms that help to attract and to fidelizar for one given to financial square a enough great mass investors. Franois Chesnais (12) continues in its boarding: ' ' ' liquidez' , which the speculators have as much necessity, he only can exist in the measure where the market constantly is irrigated by the regular arrival of new deep (from there the pressure of the world of the finances, relayed for Brussels, to have pension fund in the Europe which will have to take the American relief place of pension fund when these to arrive the maturity and will be in the position of liquid salesmen in the financial markets). … A financial market has its appetite; a proper logic of the institution exists financial market: a time created, … is necessary alimentary it any that is its cost for sociedade' '. For last I break up, it of multimentioned text, valley to say, ' ' he has not felt in increasing the prices of the actions to a very high level if you cannot induce the public to take off the actions of its hand later ' ' , he can have been the initial objective of ' ' alchemists of centralization financeira' '. In other words, by means of the adjusted mixture of some ingredients, at the specified moments, such phenomenon can have cheated to reach ' ' sucesso' ' , even so of ' ' form necessarily passageira' ' , as we support in the section ' ' The alchemy of the centralization financeira' '. These ingredients would be the financial deregulation, the descompartimentalizao of the national financial markets and the financial desintermediao, associates to the adoption of politics that had favored the centralization of the deep liquids not reinvested of the companies and the savings of the families, valley to say, that they had favored the centralization of ' ' saving concentrada' '.

The Recommendation

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

One forms to evidence that this condition is true is to think about how many times, its father, its mother, or friend said to it not to be having favors, why one day ……. As the principle is of the scarcity. Of form sufficiently synthetic, it can be said that the people give to more attention and importance what they go to lose, of what what they can earn. This rule can in such a way be used at the moment of the negotiation suggesting to the customer who it goes to lose the promotion that finishes today, or that the parcelamento conditions are only valid until the following day, as in the campaign of spreading of its products, of form to create the sensation of that the customer will be able to lose a bonanza chance. The third rule mentions authority to it. Its application is sufficiently useful in negotiations where the information are not clear, or still, where it has an agreement differentiated for each one of the parts. In these situations, the ideal is to request the explanations for a specialist, who can even though be one professional technician or specialized or a university professor, of is of the pictures of the company, in negotiations that involve high values.

This principle also can be very useful in the materials of communication of its company, therefore to associate the image of its product the recommendation of a specialist, can be a differential for many customers. A personal example of the utility of this rule occurred when I was interested myself in buying a new television. To me to come across with the diverse models and options, I was devastated by diverse doubts, that had been eliminated and they had allowed me to choose, when I found an enlightening article of a specialist in a magazine technique. Now the communication material imagines if, of the mark and model that I chose, presented the recommendation of this specialist, already the advantage imagined that this company would have.