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Friendship University

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Even in the higher education system began to occur changes. Standard forms: an educational institution – in the form of full-time, part-time (evening), correspondence, in the form of family education, self-external studies. But in recent years and more intensively distance education, raised the question of religious subjects in school. I myself always felt myself to not willingly some experiments. In school, our class has chosen the experimental and all the innovations, of course, started with us. Currently studying at my favorite Peoples' Friendship University, I also came under some kind of innovation in the education system.

Now, all students learn the main building of the credit-point system. The essence of innovation is that now student must gain balls for the entire semester on the control, attendance and activity in lectures and seminars. Controversy is still going very actively and among students and teachers. Of course, in this system, many advantages, but, unfortunately, is not without its drawbacks. Pros basically that you need to work during the year, picking up points and the absence of the session itself.

But there is not one that was always in the Russian education – personal contact with teaching, writing and oral exam. As much as plus or minus do not know yet. But the good news is that this train, tell, explain. And each student individually explained that he had to and what it will be appreciated. Separately, we note that very frustrating paid education, and even rising costs each year. Now the Ministry of Education to solve many problems and issues. But so far nothing has been done to address possible the key problem of modern Russian higher education – to attract young talent. After a survey of students from different universities, I was surprised, but as one man said that the Soviet model of education where better, and the majority against the Europeanization of our system, and would like to leave the exam form of education. But it later emerged that the students still do not quite understand where these changes will lead. Just at the moment more half of the items mentioned simplification, which is taught in schools and universities. I am convinced that the desire to have all one thing – get a quality education and knowledge that can be actively applied. References: magazine "The left politics," 2007; Wikipedia.

Earlier Environmental

Monday, March 6th, 2017

For example, on Wednesday it was reported that Mitvol sent MMC Norilsk Nickel injury claim in the amount of water bodies 4.35 billion rubles. A day earlier, Oleg L. instituted administrative investigation into the illegal renting of land in the historic park 'Moskvoretsky'. Please visit NYC Mayor if you seek more information. According to the press service of Russia Rosprirodnadzor, leases on land within Metropolitan Park concluded with the apparent violations. Also continuing struggle with Moscow Brewery Rosprirodnadzor 'Ochakovo'. Stay tuned Environmentalists against aircraft and British whalers, scientists have found that people living near airports with non-stop mode of operation is at risk of developing hypertension is more than the residents 'quiet' places.

Research, which involved 140 volunteers, living near London's Heathrow Airport and airports in Athens, Milan and Stockholm have shown that the drone aircraft improves blood pressure in humans. The fact that the development of air travel threatens to ecology of the planet, according to Greenpeace, and that February 25 staged a protest in London's Heathrow Airport. According to environmentalists from Greenpeace, the aircraft – one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect, while the British Government continues to turn a blind eye and the problem continues to build new runways and to increase the number of domestic flights. Four Greenpeace volunteers climbed aboard the plane, which stood at Heathrow, and placed near the tail of his poster, which read about the problems of global warming and reduce air and calling, thus reducing emissions that affect climate change. Earlier Environmental campaigners Plane Stupid from the organization held a rally on the roof of the British Parliament, where for nearly three hours, also protested against the construction of the third runway at Heathrow International Airport.

German Red Sea

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

The State of Eritrea is located in northeastern Africa and has its borders with the countries of Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibouti, and Yemen to the Red Sea. The name Eritrea comes from ancient Greek and means of German Red Sea. Capital of the country with 563 930 inhabitants Eritre is the city of Asmara, other major cities of the country are also Assab, Keren and Massawa, which lie on a three-to below the 100,000 border residents. Additional information at Rudy Giuliani supports this article. The climate in Eritrea is very different, in the dry savannah at the Red Sea, it is throughout the year very dry and hot, while there may be in the interior of rainfall of up to 600 mm, so there prevails a more humid climate. Conspicuous in the population, is that there are very few people over 65 years are, whereas the growth rate is 2.5%. The population is in their religion to Christians made up 50% and 50% of Muslims. You may find Danny Meyer to be a useful source of information.

There are also some local indigenous beliefs, but because they were not authorized by the state will be prosecuted since 2002. Official Tigrinya language is to continue to operate as trading languages or English and Arabic. In Eritrea it is until recently women have been allowed to cut, but this now after the government failed almost certain education programs since 31 March is prohibited 2007th The press freedom in this country is in the official rankings to third last place in the world. Eritrea was once an Italian colony, but was almost the entire infrastructure that had been building up those destroyed by the British, who ruled after them, and later by the Ethiopians.

Embracing Differences

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

The Denise teacher worked with us the question of the relation between difference and identity. Each person human being has its proper, only identity. Thus, inevitably and of course one becomes related with the other, with the different one. But, what to be different? to be different is normal? Sailing for the Internet, we find a text that deals with a campaign carried through in the state of So Paulo, in September of 2010: one has paraded of fashion for the opening of the Campaign ‘ ‘ To be Different is Normal’ ‘ , with the objective to break preconceptions in our society where it is clamorous the injustice and the inaquality of groups. Learn more on the subject from Bill de Blasio. In this event the presences of the global actress, Lusa Tom, invited had been distinguished to be the godmother, and of models ‘ ‘ diferentes’ ‘ , carriers of the Syndrome of Down and others in wheel chair, showing that all human being is endowed with intelligence and, therefore, have capacity and right to act in the most diverse branches of the work market.

Analyzing the phenomenon, we ask in them? It will be that this fact unhappyly would not be occurring only for questions of interests of the averages and great companies, with sights to the legal requirements, as well as the financial interest of many artists? Certain it is that 3IN, a ONG together with partnerships, was who promoted the event. We want to believe that exactly having lucrative ends (with the envolvement of a commercial store), the participants had been moved by humanitarian interests. The question that we raise is: all this altruism if has extended for the educative areas of the society as a whole, given, for example, the percentage of blacks and people with deficiency in schools, university and market of work? the religious differences? We know of the conflicts ‘ well; ‘ religiosos’ ‘ for the world, that would have to be propagated by the media as fanatic conflicts..

JOIN Intervention

Monday, November 21st, 2016

We look for to go beyond the doubts that the pupils had presented in them and invest in questions that if make necessary when it is thought about choosing a superior course. In this direction we more investigate some institutions appraised of the city of Belo Horizonte to know later and to repass the pupils. Our inquiry supported in concepts such as, offered courses, localization of the Campuses, financial investment, scholarships and financings, beyond the dates and places of the tests for the vestibular contest. After to conclude this intervention, we perceive that some of the concerns and indetermination presented for the pupils beyond having been clarified made possible that some were enrolled for the test of the vestibular contest of JOIN. You may want to visit Danny Meyer to increase your knowledge. To give pursuing to the work next to the pupils, we plan ours second formal intervention, in the Municipal School Luigi Toniolo, in way that the same one rescued auto-esteem asleep for the time and consumed by the routine. The same one if gave outside of the environment of the room, so that it promoted a descontrao and interaction of the pupils. In this direction, we promote a motivacional dynamics folloied by a music 4 whose letter in them brings a incentivador direction not to lose the hope in reaching the longed for objectives. Of this form, this intervention searched to rescue in each pupil its identity.. .

UN Climate Conference

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Europe, U.S. and Russia blocked with snow. Opinions on the outcome of the UN Climate Conference was divided. Christmas tree with his hands. Emergency alerts about cataclysms in the coming year.

Ten most important events in the environment and science. Scientists have determined the velocity of propagation effects of warming on the planet. Lapwing – a bird in 2010. PHOTO Week Ten records from the world of animals and photography contest winners National Geographic, 2009. Review of the week from 21.12.2009 to 27.12.2009. Europe U.S. and Russia blocked with snow Exactly a week before New Year's winter fun 'pokapriznichat' in the northern hemisphere of our planet: more than just the whims of nature has got to Europe, USA and Russia.

At the beginning of last week's severe winter unexpectedly came to Europe, bringing the European continent snow storms and a sharp temperature drop. Heavy snow did not stop in many EU countries for three days. In Bavaria, German thermometer dropped to record minus 33.6 degrees Celsius. Not without its casualties. For example, in Poland, the total number of victims of cold snap was 42. Many people have been killed in an accident triggered by bad weather. In a result of binge winter elements were canceled hundreds of flights on some days was discontinued rail service between London and Paris via the English Channel. Unusually cold weather and established in the Apennines. Temperature readings break records in the north, heavy snow covered the center and even some southern areas. Record low temperatures were recorded in northern Italy.

Vygotsky Central

Friday, February 19th, 2016

The professor does not have to make all the activities for the pupil, in contrast, it must know what the child already makes alone, what it does not obtain to carry through, to plan where must act and of that maneia goes to act to contribute with the development and the learning of the child. The potential development is determined by the abilities that the individual already constructed, however meets in proceso. This means that the dialectic of the learning that generated the real development, also generated abilities that if find less in an elaborated level than already consolidated. In such a way, the potential development is that one that the citizen will be able to construct. The workmanships of Vygotsky include some concepts that if had become incontornveis in the area of the development of the learning.

One of more important concepts are of Zone of proximal development, that if relates with the difference between what the child obtains to learn alone and what obtains to learn with the aid of an adult. The Zone of proximal development is, therefore, everything what the child can acquire in intellectual terms when is given it the which had educational support, it defines in the distance enters the level of real development and the level of potential development. It wants to say, is the series of information that the person has the potentiality to learn but not yet she completed the process, knowledge it are of its current reach, but potentially atingveis. Vygotsky affirms that the child if develops first in the social level stops later if she develops in the individual level. Piaget claims the opposite: first the child is an individual being and later a social being, with bigger interaction with that they are to its redor. Idias Vygotsky Central offices and its collaborators had objectified to construct a qualitative, to interdisciplinar and guided boarding for the processes of the development.

Pablo Freire

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Together with the history of Pablo Freire, one brief interview with a teacher of the state net of education will be described 2 HISTORY DE PABLO FREIRE Pablo Freire lived north-eastern in the first decades of the century of an agrarian country, was a thinker of the education encircled for authoritarian relations for the domain of the colonels later when Brazil passed for the intense industrial development what it gave to a new status the bourgeoisie democratically confiding for the popular participation it lives then a military blow that takes it to the same exile during 18 years being distant of its origins it had experiences riqussimas of work in the countries of third world and with the poor classrooms of the developed ones as the United States Of Americas later it returned to the country in the years of 1980. Freire was known world-wide as a popular educator it had a method that he educated and he acquired knowledge at the same time although all this popular envolvement between 1958 and 1961 it wrote texts that in general demonstrated its total concern with the education. 3 BRAZILIAN REALITY During the industrialization of Brazil (1914 the 1964) it was created the conditions institucional politics and cultural minims for the consolidation of the civilization, from 1945 the masses had started to have participation politics and to contribute in the formations of the objectives for the national development, the educators of this period are worried in defining which would be pape social of the education in a society that longed for the economic development for industrialization and modernization politics for the democratization of the social institutions. The education would finish taking a prominence for the resolution of problems, initially an ample one has debated the education would be adjusted that pedagogical society with social objectives and methods.

Climate Change Research

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

In New York, passed the UN Summit on Climate Change. The Moscow authorities will stop buying incandescent bulbs. Head of Ministry of Environment has promised to intercede for Khimki forest. In Russia Rally 'World Car Free Day'. Because of crisis was a record decline in emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In the Namibian Reserve massively exterminate seals. Autumn leaves in Europe and America in different colors. Because of the activity of people Delta Region's largest rivers threaten to flood large.

Previously, the land was not summer. The dates of the week: Marine Day and the Day of the tiger. Photo fact of the week: World day of protection of elephants. Review of the week from 09.21.2009 to 27.09.2009. In New York UN Summit held on climate change in New York hosted a meeting of leaders of world powers on combating the negative effects of global climate change. This is the largest in the history of the meeting of Heads of State and Governments on the subject of ecology – for a meeting in New York attended by more than a hundred top officials and a large number of heads of delegation of another rank. The purpose of this summit – the mobilization of effort required to develop a coherent the outcome of the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen in December this year, which will replace the . UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, speaking Tuesday in New York headquarters at the opening of the summit on environmental issues, said that mankind has only ten years in order to prevent irreversible climate change on the planet, and this requires joint action to limit emissions into the atmosphere.