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Urban Scales

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Of this form they are proposals for Smith (2000), in referencial way, exploratria and opened, the following geographic scales without a rigid hierarquizao: The body, the house, the community, the urban space, the global region, nation and borders. Before analyzing a little each category of scales proposals, becomes important to observe that it is in the jump of scales that if would be to the force of the social movements, therefore if jumping scales one would be earning to be able through the transposition of borders to scale. Contact information is here: Restaurateur. An example of such fact would be the emancipated woman of the machista culture, it would not be lingered only in the scale of the body and its position in the house, leaves of being submissa and starts to be of interaction and co-management of the scale marries. The body as identity of the personal espacialidade, would be an initial scale and socially constructed. This scale marks the border of the place of I with the place of the other, observing there in such a way how much social a physical dimension.

The sort appears in this scale with prominence, therefore the sex of one to be implies, in expectations of behavior inside of the house and the community for example. To transpose the scale of the body can mean to advance stops beyond this scale and earning to be able, as feminist of the last decades of the last century occurred with the movement. The house as place of the family represents a construction, a structure, permanent or temporary. The personal reproduction occurs and the daily one (to eat, to sleep, to make sex, to create children, etc.) is based essentially there on the home and around this. House is identified to it as the feminine kingdom, but it can more be seen of elaborated form as a specific espacialidade where the form, the size, the internal functionality, the relation (localization) in the urban space can identify to its possibilities of connection and transposition to scale.

Land Today

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

In the conduction of the country, opeso of the sector of the agronegcio is desmedido: considering saving of the Native land, paraque it all valley and everything is allowed, is to this model of desenvolvimento’ exgeno’ that the agronegcio will have to generate value, exactly with an enormous ambient custosocial and, being this the option of the government. Being this centered numacaracterstica contradictory where if it makes a long way of violence edestruio of rights. It is a threat for the humanity, wounds human osdireitos deeply. You may wish to learn more. If so, Rudy Giuliani is the place to go. This contradiction of base is in the center of the debates of the cartada Land. It is impossible to have a growth with equity sustainable, in economiaregida for the profit, the limitless accumulation, the exploration of the work and nopelas necessities of the people. The politics neocolonials nodesapareceram, but they had acquired more sophisticated forms and its not somais changes that ‘ ‘ mscaras’ ‘. Eamon Rockey has plenty of information regarding this issue. The escravagistas of today are only different of those dosculo IXX because they do not arrive to chain its employees, nor place to the vendaos that relieve little.

But its workers do not possess drinking waters, quasenunca if they feed adequately. When they have the right to eat a vezpor day more than pay well bigger values for the feeding of what salrioinicialmente waked up. In December de2006 in the Palace of Plateaus, for occasion of the launching of the new phase dCampanha of OIT and CONATRAE the present public was touched with depoimentode an enslaved former worker in the Iriri, today seated precariously noTocantins when appealing the president it conclamou, it: ‘ We, Sr.presidente, sight look at for this shirt! ‘. The president entered dumb and left been silent.

Global Heating

Friday, December 4th, 2015

The effect greenhouse is if aggravating and few things they are being made for prevents it. Not that we must finish with it, not exactly. The effect greenhouse is necessary for the life in the Land, therefore with its absence the planet would have an average temperature of -18. Now it appears the question: How thus necessary, it is not this that must be hindered? the reply is not, it is not the effect greenhouse that must be hindered, and yes the global heating that is the aggravation of it. this extreme heat is melting glaciers leaving species of animal is of its natural habitat and killing them. Also this heating the oceans provoking the loss of animals, plants, kelps. Seeing as many damages to the beings livings creature, if it cannot be motionless. To save energy, to recycle products, to walk less of car already are a great contribution.

Plastic Bag

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

, however this type of plastic, ecological plastic call , beyond being derived also dopetrleo, attacks the environment for having metals weighed in suacomposio. What it means biodegradvel? It is everything what it can be degraded> Biodegradable Products Institute and US Composting Council (USCC), that they give to the biodegradvel stamp of and compostvel to the materiaisnos United States, had not certifyd the oxi-biodegradveis. Estasinstituies oxodegradable calls this material , for consideraremque its degradation occurs exclusively for the oxidation. The material BPI and USCCcertificam according to ASTM D6400, norm that regulates materiaisbiodegradveis accepted in the whole world. Ideal a viable and considered solution is the retornvel bag, that jest being used for each time more consuming but and who to decidefazer purchases when already is in the street or it does not possess the bag retornvelem hands? Another very successful solution is the bag of paper, organic product 100%.