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FSB and New York

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Therefore, the loss of the sovereignty on the area would result in an irreparable one shakes advertising. Supporting the operations of Army acted the Federal Service of Security of Russian Federao (FSB), that it deals with domestic rebels. The international community, in that occasion, hardly condemned the Russian actions and U.S.A., of beginning, if they had declared favorable to the independence of the region. It is understood American position: the sudden constitution of new States, whose existences had been stimulated for the Americans, would make with that its governments were lined up to the interests of U.S.A., especially as for the negotiations for the acquisition of the energy sources located there. To read more click here: NY Restaurateur. At the same time, it would have the complete weakness of the Russia, that would lose territory and, in consequence, part of the resources that it exports to the remaining portion of the Europe. So great threats had made with that the Russians more energetically set in motion its agency of espionage specialized in external threats, the Foreign Service of Inteligncia (SVR). In that occasion, with certainty the SVR sent to the Ocidente, in special to U.S.A., a superior number of agents to habitually used. It occurs that this trend if inverted since the 11 of September: the destruction of the Twin Towers for Islamic terrorists made with that the initial support of U.S.A. Additional information at Danny Meyer supports this article.

to the chechena independence was diluted, time that great part of the population of said Republic is Muslim, including many of the separatistas rebels, who, of radical form, had practised attempted against suicidal against the Russian troops. This, added to the fact of that the catastrophe in New York would be and was an excellent excuse them U.S.A. to invade Iraq under the false allegations of that Saddam Hussein had weapons of destruction in mass and bonds with the Al-Qaeda, and, thus, will take possetion of the energy reserves of the country, good bigger that of the Chechnia, made with that the Russian Army had blank paper to jam the rebellion of still more forceful form. .

Internet Laboratories

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

The pertinent data to this scientific article had been collected of information consisted in the sites of the respective astroroofs, which will be referenciados in the end of this work. In order to give account of this exploratrio study, the privileged method of this research is the bibliographical survey, through the reading and analysis of texts, concernentes books and articles to thematic abordada.3. RESULTS ALCANADOSO to be able and the influence of the media had never been so important how much currently, therefore the communications saw satellite and saw Internet become possible contact through the world, where, in real time the most diverse messages can all be chores and questioned by the planet. To follow the results of the research of some of these will be presented laboratrios.3.1. Media and democracy: a profile of the astroroofs of ways in America LatinOs given collected by this research mentions the paper to it of some laboratories in America Latin, which had been collected in Informe Latinobarmetro 2007, Bank of Datos en Lnea and article of Susana Herrera Damas and Rogrio Christofoletti, which consists interviews with the responsible ones for these laboratories, as well as data collected in sites of these laboratories in the Internet. As already it was said these laboratories of monitoramento of media, of the Latin American continent, try to perfect the medias, at the same time where they divulge the information shows to the reader a critical analysis. The astroroofs of ways assume an important role in what if it can call a miditica alfabetizao, (p 02) (…) However, for being inserted in realities that search a politics-economic-social stability and for monitoring little independent a miditico system, the Latin astroroofs have a more strategical function in the consolidation of the democracy that its analogous North Americans. For this and other reasons, efforts fit to identify, to tipificar to classify the experiences of accompaniment of the media in the subcontinent. .

Osama Bin Laden

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Article: The death of Osama Bin Laden Robert Ramalho is journalist, researcher and studious in substance of international subjects Osama Bin Laden, leader of the biggest terrorist organization of the world, the Al-Qaeda, was died in the sunday night (dawn of the monday in Brazil) later that the CIA (Central of American Intelligence) received a confidential information from that the Osama Bin Laden was liveing in a mansion in the outskirts of the city of Islamabad. It died in an exchange of shots against forces of the American Army in the city of Abbottabad, close to Islamabad, capital it Pakistan with a shot in the head. The Media speculates that it has been died for one of its security not to be captured alive. The government of the Pakistan was not informed of the military operation for distrust of that official Pakistanis could inform to Osama Bin Laden of the plan to capture it or to kill it. ' ' The death of Bin Laden designates the conquest most significant until the date of the effort of our nation to defeat the Al-Qaeda' ' , Obama in its speech declared.

The terrorist was died with a shot in the embedded head and in the sea. The notice was confirmed by the president of the United States Barack Obama, who, in uprising televisionado in the White House for all the country, if directing the families who had lost its wanted beings, affirmed that ' ' justice had been feita' '. The death of Bin Laden, intellectual mentor of the attacks of 11 of September of 2001 to the Twin Towers, in New York, had been anticipated for the periodical The New York Times and sender CNN, and hundreds of people if they had concentrated in the front of the White House, in Washington, to commemorate enthusiasticly. With shouts of joy and patriotic cnticos, the citizens had ahead waited of the residence the official confirmation of the death of Bin Laden.