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Ziggurats, Pyramids Under Water

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Assessing the gigantism of the ancient buildings, anyone is wondering – how did it all created by our ancient ancestors? Our ancestors in their myths and legends to us clearly told that the Earth was different realm, more developed than neighbors, there were different creatures, including giants, descended from the stars, many “gods” and “Sons of Heaven.” And it’s all over the world! Why do scientists do not want to believe my great-great-ancestors. Surely all people lie. Is not it strange conclusion? Somewhere unconditionally trust (for example, “recipes from the depths of the millennium”), and somewhere completely deny everything, though acknowledging that the ancestors did not fools .. 1. Pyramid Rock Lake Rock Lake in Wisconsin, USA. It is believed that the lake was formed due to the filling of the basin waters of the retreating glaciers about 12,000 years ago. At the bottom of the lake at 12 m water column revealed more than a dozen small pyramids with flat tops. Called number 13, and then say that as many of them have ceased to count.

There are similar to highly elongated horizontal trapezoid. There is a pyramid with a nearly square base. Main pyramid stands in the middle of the lake and in height reaches 10.9 meters. Muddy lake bottom, so it’s hard to say what the exact height of these structures. Age pyramid structures, researchers evaluated 12 to 17 thousand years.

Diver Richard Seyton found almost at the top one of the largest pyramids break, which was not a man to penetrate, and even in the diving equipment. Seyton solemnly assured that the breach was located “in between the water gate through which, it is even likely was a dry room, equipped with manhole, inviting in the dungeon. Under the bottom of the lake there is someone else’s abode? Whose? In 2002, a scuba diver – a lover of Charles raised his stock with a piece of gray stone terraces of stone, on which drain after the sun eclipsed nodular Indian writings and extruded as in the damp clay, clear characters. 2. Pyramid at the island of Bari (Bahamas) in 1970, Dr. Ray Brown went to rest on the island of Bari (near Bahamas). One day when submerged in deep water, he found well-preserved pyramid with an unknown technical devices. Among the rods and holders of the crystal. When Brown tried to take him, he heard the warning voice inside yourself. Still, the doctor lifted the crystal surface, and only in 1975 decided to show it at the congress of psychiatrists in the United States. Psychologist Elizabeth NyuoYorka Veykon after view of the crystal suddenly got (from a stone?) reported that it belonged to the Egyptian god Thoth.


Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

The term cement understand artificial, powdered materials, which have astringent properties, and when exposed to salt solutions and other liquids to form a plastic mass. It eventually hardens and turns into a cement stone. The first binder, which people began to use in construction, was clay. But as the construction of it was not too strong, humanity continued to search for suitable material. The earliest precursor of cement, was found on the banks of the Danube. In the old shack, it was a concrete floor thickness twenty-five centimeters. Concrete was made of reddish limestone and gravel locally.

Age of discovery more than 5000 years BC. But this finding is more the exception than the rule. The massive use of binders was dated at times the slave of Egypt, India and China. There was used for the construction of plaster. It due to the fact that for the production of gypsum, used much less fuel than for the production of lime.

That she is the oldest, after gypsum, artificial mineral astringent. A well-known lime was in Greece, where it was used mainly for tiling. But for the mass of masonry mortars began in the Roman period. It was the Romans began to make "cement putsolannovoy" pozzolan – a deposits of volcanic ash of Vesuvius. In Kievan Rus basic material in the construction of a lime. By its construction were presented fairly high. Out of pure limestone did the so-called fat lime (white), and limestone with clay impurities taught the gray limestone. In 1584 in Moscow, was established by the 'Stone Order', which is in charge of manufacturing and lime. There were the first manufacturer of dry building mixtures they were called 'Cement'. Additions to it were – bull's blood, egg whites, cottage cheese and other fillings. After a sufficiently long period of time, there are the first studies to improve the construction of smesey.V 1822 St. Petersburg, the book Chelieva 'treatise on the art to prepare a good mortar', and in 1825 Cheliev in the book 'The complete instruction, summarizes the experience of improving the properties of binders. The point after Chelieva Russian scientists continue: AA Baikov, V. Zhuravlev, RL Shulyachenko and others. In 1824, a British bricklayer Joseph Aspdin receives a patent for the invention of their own 'improved method of producing an artificial stone. " Named in the experience of a product called Aspdin Portland. And today the production of cement is a promising business.

The Basic Ideas And Theories Of Friedrich Nietzsche

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Following Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) as the primary reality of life Noah considers the "will to power" as a basic and guiding principle of life. Moreover, the principle of the will to power Nietzsche brings not only the domain of humanity skoy activity, but also on non-living, and organic nature. The Will to Power won organizes the space of life, and giving each phenomenon corresponding character values. If Schopenhauer saw the rejection of the "will to life" samootreche Institute, asceticism as a means of deliberately reducing the will of the spa Senia, then Nietzsche's opposition to the statement "will to power" ("Life tends to maximize the feeling of power"). Along with the doctrine of the will to power leading anskoy ideas Nietzsche philosophy and teachings are the "revaluation of all valuable Stein, of the eternal return, the superman", etc. All the values of Western culture should be reconsidered, since in this culture is formed complete disregard to the real world by a third party , devalued life itself, which is considering etsya only as a prelude to another, the afterlife. Starting from Socrates ("theorizing man") was born prolonged ny process of departure from the values of humanity outside the experience of life – an era of global nihilism.

To indicate the onset of a new mood of the World Noah era revaluation of all values for the next era nor gilizma, Nietzsche I used the symbol of world events as the "death of God." "God, who died" for Nietzsche is the God who can not die, that is, most likely, only God olitsetvo tron old gods, beliefs, prejudices, than God itself. "Death of God" symbolizes not just the loss of faith in the supreme value, but for a reassessment of previous values, the approval of the new hierarchy, filling them with "life New York." A man can do is "earth" is only a requirement establish "a new layout of the field of life," to rise above its current state, to become superhuman, vlasteli rated this "land" for its own sake. Therefore, the ideal of the superman and the goal becomes the meaning of life, sense of history, and this formed a superman, sprouting from the old man chooses will to power as an act of their own volition. In his book "Thus Spake Zarathustra," Nietzsche exclaims: "The dead are gods, now we want superman that lived – that is to be a great afternoon will be our last!

Global Challenge

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

We know that the gas discharge of greenhouse effect generated by the human activity is the main cause of the climatic change, as the Intergovernmental Panel has declared on Climatic Change of the UN. As our planet is warmed up grows the risk of which all the humanity confronts a series of catastrophic consequences due to the global heating. When being fused the polar caps in Greenland and the Western Antarctic, many countries could be seen submerged. A modification during the current of the Gulf could cause drastic climatic changes and great part of the biodiversity could be erased for always. Although one is long term risks and are many uncertainties, is a taking of brings back to consciousness increasing on the necessity to act fast, to begin to adopt measures that reduce these risks. The last Report on Human Development of the PNUD, " Fighting the climatic change: human solidarity in a world dividido" , it adds one second powerful reason to start up of immediate form: a delay in measures would have serious consequences for the human development in some of the poorest places of the world, and could mine the efforts to fight the poverty. The poorest countries will suffer, in the short term, most of the load of the climatic change: majors meteorological droughts, extreme catastrophes, tropical storms and increases of the level of the sea. And it is that, as indicates the report of the PNUD that recently we have presented/displayed in Brasilia next to the Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula gives Silvia, in Ethiopia, for example, that a boy is born during a year of drought increases his probabilities of being undernourished in a 35%. If we did not act now, the climatic change will deepen the present global inequalities of rent. All the investment that we have made to reach the Objectives of Development of the Millenium could be weakened and a backward movement in the obtained developing advances could be produced human.