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Bad Circumstances

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Natural disasters, changes in the global economy, the calamities and personal tragedies have all the potential to feed our subconscious mental barriers by making them more strong and sturdy. The truth and important is that the circumstances do not the person, the circumstances reveal who you are against the same or as these scheduled at the mental level to cope with it. All carry in our minds an idea of whom we believe to be, for this reason the bad times and circumstances painful reveal us and bring us closer to our deeper mind and there we discover as we really are and think. Here I want to give you this message Amig @, in life or you become the victim of adverse circumstances that you may be facing or take control of your life and succeed despite them. That is your decision all had or we have subconscious mental barriers that we try to delete some time in our lives with the hope of discovering our true potential at the end, the only thing that is needed is identify these false beliefs that limit us and replace them with messages and ideas that we strengthen in order to achieve our goals and dreams asleep. The next step is to become aware of our mental obstacles subconscious, detect that we have been programmed at the social level to mediocrity, we must be aware that we have been created for greatness, even how much we are ordinary people and currents can accomplish extraordinary things. You only need to open our minds to the possibility to change and grow. Our future need not be the same as our past, and that it is possible to build a new future free from negative subconscious barriers. Read more original author and source of the article.


Friday, February 10th, 2017

Immigrants represent 9% of the population, but absorbed only 5.4% of total public expenditure and 4.6% of total health spending. I.e., half the average which corresponds to a Spanish citizen. They consume less than 5% of spending on health and 6.6% in education, and their contribution of 5 billion euros NET represents almost 7% of total revenues for the economy, says a report by the Spanish Government on the impact of immigration on public services. In Spain live some 2.5 million foreigners with papers, more than half of them affiliated to Social Security. They contribute more than 7% of dues and receive only 0.5% of spending on pensions. 900 Thousand pensions are paid with their contribution in taxes. Eamon Rockey often expresses his thoughts on the topic. These figures do not take into account indirect taxes paid by immigrants who buy products, contract services and are inserted into the tissue, economic and social, have or do not have papers.

Immigration left a positive balance not only in the case of the Spanish economy in a State of well-being, but also in countries that, like the case of United States, they offer a low level of protection. The National Academy of Sciences of the North American country concluded that an immigrant receives about $3,000 of the Government throughout his life. Each of their children would make a contribution of $80,000 throughout his life. These data still do not produce the necessary political debate on immigration in a Europe that ignores some fundamental rights of the Universal Declaration of human rights of the United Nations. Even the Socialist Party of Spain has supported the new policy of immigration which allows to retain until a year and a half to the undocumented migrants and deport them, even to a country other than the original. Even it has been called a progressive measure to this political and social regression that removes part of the moral authority that much work had cost him to conquer Europe, now with a turn to the right.


Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Change levels relate to which should be changed to put an end adicitiva behavior. They are 5 and are organized hierarchically: symptoms/situation, maladaptive cognitions, interpersonal conflicts, family/systems, intrapersonal conflict disputes. The Transtheoretical approach often intervene at the first level of change, so there will be more likely to happen change leave the addictive behavior; This level also tends to be the main reason for inquiry of the addict, requires less inference because it is the most conscious level; and on the other hand, to the be interdependent if you modify one of the levels, the others will also change. In our hypothetical case Charlie has acted on the first level and second level, as we shall see later. NY Museums can provide more clarity in the matter. In short, you get a model of hierarchical and systematic therapeutic intervention with this approach to global treatment through the differential application of the processes of change in each of the 5 stages depending on the level of the problem of the treated addiction; 3 types of intervention strategies are obtained in this way: change of levels, based on the symptoms of the addict and the situations that keep them, if the processes can be applied and the subject is progressing well towards the following stages of change therapy may be supplemented without requiring a more complex level of analysis. The key level is used when there is a causality in the acquisition or maintenance of the addiction, Charlie (their social disabilities anxiety agrees) with your partner, friends and with his therapist to work out this level for get over it. Finally the of maximum impact used in complicated cases of addiction, where clearly the implication of multiple levels as a cause, effect or maintenance of addictive behavior; in this case the interventions will be varied in order to achieve maximum impact, and applies synergistically rather than sequential. Imagine that Charlie had problems with alcohol addiction for 7 years.

Continental Congress

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

The United States of America is a country full of history and tradition, as well as a sense of patriotism loaded, is therefore to recognize the importance that this culture has the flag, logo of the resistance and dependence of the country, is relevant when it comes to know the country or decide to travel to the. Additionally if you want to apply for naturalization in the United States might find you this information useful and convenient when presenting the citizenship test and interview. Note also that when traveling to the United States you should demonstrate the same respect that you would like foreigners to demonstrate toward their national symbols. The flag of the United States has its own day of celebration, on 14 June, because on this day in the year of 1777, the founders of the fatherland issued the resolution which established the logo for the new nation. According to early indications, the flag would have 13 red and white stripes of alternating form, which would represent the thirteen States that to date existed and that they had been newly created, in addition would have 13 stars that represent the fusion of a single union. Although independence occurred in 1776 until 1777 only I determine as it would be the flag of the new nation, however there is a reference with certainty about who made it first, there is a popular legend that honored the Griscom Betsy Ross, a young seamstress who lived on Arch Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As the story one day in June 1776, Betsy was visited by a Commission of representatives of the Continental Congress, which was the legislative body of the colonies, led by George Washington, who was then the Commander of the colonial army. Within the Commission were Robert Morris, who also signed the Declaration of independence, the administered the finances during the war of independence, and General George Ross, also signatory of the Declaration and the husband of Betsy uncle.

The History tells that these three characters showed the young seamstress a sketch of the flag for the United States, however she suggested an amendment, instead of six-pointed stars proposed five-pointed stars, because according to her would be more attractive to the eye and although representatives thought that perhaps make this figure would be complicated, she showed them otherwise. The new flag was hoisted for the first time in the Fort Stanwix, in New York on August 3, 1777. Three days later he had his baptism of fire at the battle of Oriskany, New York, where colonists forced the British to withdraw. The number of stars a increased complies appear new States in the country. Original author and source of the article.


Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Constitutes the central idea, the most important thing, and is the most difficult of determine. The topic must be reflected or implicit in all parts of the work, each page in each chapter or section. Most of the times is difficult to determine the theme and also write it. It is drawn up with an abstract noun (for example, love, friendship, justice, injustice, misery, discrimination, etc.), accompanied by modifiers (the great misery in which they live an African child). Let’s look at the major themes of some works according to author Martha Fernandez de Yacubsohn: Poema de Mio Cid: Castilian virtues of a national hero (Fernandez de Yacubsohn, 1978, 7). La Celestina: Bad subtle and deceptive Arts employed by Celestina to arrange the relationship between young lovers (Ibid., 71). El Lazarillo de Tormes: Hunger and the media that the rogue uses to overcome it (Ibid., 102).

Don Quixote: The knightly mission and the clash between reality and fantasy (Ibid., 134). Life is a dream: The agonizing search to discern between reality and fiction (Ibid., 179). The Yes of the girls: the marriage arranged by parents: women can not choose freely to his companion (Ibid., 201). Bodas de sangre: the young death, i.e. the violent and premature rupture of the natural life cycle nacimiento-procreacion – death (Ibid., 272). To analyze, we must clearly enunciating the theme in the introduction of our writing; later, in development, in several paragraphs, we must sustain is reflected the theme through all the work, in all its parts, chapters, acts, scenes, depending on the type of structure of the work; Finally, we must ask a conclusion or personal opinion 3.Secondary themes apart from the theme in a literary work are reflected many other issues of secondary importance, for example: love, friendship, justice, honour, honour, truth, lies, hatred, solitude, wisdom, good, evil, passions, the ideals, the destination, the suffering, anxiety, hope, loneliness, abject poverty, reason, joy, sadness, sublime, the grotesque, the macabre, death, suffering, betrayal, loyalty, family unity, courage, cowardice, injustice, repentance, the pertinacity, doubt, security, foreboding, the lesson, the vices, virtues, revenge, humility, bribery, greed, freedom, heroism, vandalism, warlordism, social prejudice, illusion, deception, war, peace, etc.

Manuel Marquez Campos

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Is discussed much about the qualities that you must have a leader, many authors argue that humility must be paramount some others do not consider it as such but on the premise that humility is the basis of the virtues, then do not need a leader virtuous?, so we can ensure that the leader should be considered a primary role to humility as the Rector of his virtues. What is the opposite of humility? because your pride, a leader can not be superb, self-worshiping, arrogant, let us remember the history and we will see many of these qualities in leaders who historically did much harm to mankind, nature and that these dates they keep coming to dealing with transcendent addresses in society, we remember with sadness as it ends, as his activity impacted negatively in the direction in charge, only debemosconsiderar these premises and be able to distinguish when we are breaking down the barriers that separate us from this type of activity. A leader with his feet on the ground see the reality of their duty, it is not blinded by power or its benefits, all this included in the virtues in their values, which must not be corrupted in eagerness to satisfy your pleasures this. As mentioned by Manuel Marquez Campos, humility is a sign of intelligence, the superb symbol of stupidity, what We require smart leaders. Humility is then smart people, people who understand the basic concept of learning every day from people who understand that the simplest of partners can give them a lesson of life, people who are aware of do not know everything, contrary to agree to continue learning and acquiring experiences of its employees and improve with this its functions you rectoras.