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Retail Roadshow Airport

Monday, March 20th, 2017

On 25 September, the Brodos celebrated Roadshow ‘Retail & friends’ premiered this year at airport an authentic atmosphere in the top location station airport in Dusseldorf. The in-house exhibition of Baiersdorfer distributors once again caused great interest among the more than 200 guests from the industry and trade. Learn more at: Restaurateur. “In particular, the topics of Brodos marketplace” and the benefits for retailers after the Brodos motto …einfach more in the package “the visitor moved. Roadshow as a meeting place of the TK dealers Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Berlin and Hamburg: these are the stations of this year’s Brodos retail Roadshow, which already takes place for the fifth time. In the station airport in Dusseldorf, with unique views of the runways of the airport, was launched for the autumn tour of the TK distributors now. The dealer over the entire gathered on the again enlarged exhibition area with the booths from over 30 leading manufacturers, equipment suppliers and network operators Services as well as about current industry trends and new distribution ideas.

Especially the personal contacts at the House fair of the Franconian mobile phone distributors and exchange with like-minded people from the telecommunications industry again made the special feature of the event according to the visitors. Frank Luttjohann, Executive Sales showing trade of Brodos AG, is delighted with the successful launch: we are absolutely thrilled with the consistently positive response we have experienced on our first road show station. Therefore we are sure that we have hit a nerve with our performance package to support retailers at our dealers.” “” Keynote: …einfach more in the package “and Brodos marketplace” aroused great interest in particular the keynote by Dominik Brokelmann, CEO of Brodos AG. “Under the motto …einfach more in the package” he explained why Brodos dealers can expect more than the usual distribution standards. With additional services for trade such as on-site, Commission goods, a Repair hotline, a collection system for used appliances, as well as the own digital signage solution in my store.TV makes competitive retailers Brodos.

Mobile Today – Multi-tasker

Sunday, December 25th, 2016

The mobile phone today, as we know it, much of his original device changed. However, the basic function remains the same. On modern phones, the phone function is apparently almost only a secondary function. In addition, they have changed their name. They now call themselves slider, Smartphone or Walkman phone. According to the motto of the more the better, phones have more and more features. You can write television, emails with them, listen to music, take photos, schedule appointments, etc.

The “traditional functions of communication” were extended by MMS, email, voicemail and video telephony telephony and SMS. Some devices intended originally for communication, nowadays partly waiting with more megapixeln than a standard digital camera. Take for example the Nokia mobile N8 among its features including a 12 megapixel camera. Thus, the model will replace the digital camera. Even if the suspicion is close, that it is different, a study has shown, that the phone yet, write first and foremost to make phone calls and SMS used. First This was followed by the other features.

When the original idea of the mobile phone, the call, didn’t changed. As it was already 25 years ago. One has but to the former time changed: even if cell phones so apply, camera act as a status symbol or just the simple mobile phone verkorper, they have become the standard and indispensable from the world. Considered across then mobile phones, which they had to hang as a chunky block over the shoulder, further evolved significantly, multifunctional, compact equipment in the high-end design, which have become an integral part of our modern culture. T flyer