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Spanish Soccer

Monday, July 24th, 2017

The Spanish selector flame to the calm to the likings and equipment. He analyzes which must be the great qualities of a trainer. Before the questions on Mourinho, Of the Forest one stays cautious. Vicente of the Forest went this sabado to " There is Festival" of Segovia to speak of the work of the national selector and to say that the crispation that is at the moment in Spanish soccer " &quot is not opportune far from it; , and more when this sport " he is in a while excelente". To hear speak of soccer in the church of San Juan of the Horsemen, of Segovia, is not habitual, but " There is Festival" it caused the occasion today to count on Of the Forest in one of the debates of this great cultural encounter, by which they march past tens of writers every year but until now never a trainer had done it of soccer. Accompanied by Juan Striking Ignacio, assistant director of the sport newspaper " Marca" , and by David Bach, dean of programs of " IE Business School" , Vicente of the Forest gave a theoretical lesson on the qualities that must reunite a good one trainer and avoided with ability the questions that to him Jose Mourinho did public on the Portuguese or by the absence of Raul in the national selection.

After making that everything clear what was going to say in so singular scene they were " opinions, not dogmas" , Of the Forest it affirmed that a trainer must be a person " straight line, complete, prepared for its work and must also know how to gain the confidence of jugadores". " The trainer must be a moral leader and to have vocacin" , the idyllic profile of its work assured the national selector when drawing up. Years ago, it continued, the trainers " they prevailed, but now it is necessary to convince.

Latin Americans

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

” My country is especially sensible with the victims of the terrorism. Unjustly forgotten sometimes, its invocation does not have to be limited a mere rhetorical mention, but a commitment ctivo to guarantee the recognition, the memory and the attendance and support that necesitan” , it emphasized. The crisis, subject to debate in the UN the global economic crisis and the importance of actions also coordinated has been a dominant subject this week in the UN. Jimnez Trinidad considered an action indispensable arranged global and it emphasized that the might of the Latin American economy is essential for the overcoming of the crisis and the conformation of new gobernanza economic international. He is inescapable, it said, to impel and to consolidate an ample dialogue with Latin America that includes all the great subjects of the global agenda, as the design of a financial architecture international ambitious innovator and, the climatic change, the energy, the security or the migrations.

The female leader of the Spanish diplomacy also remembered the dramatic situation in the regions of the Horn of Africa that described as ” intolerable” and she considered that the humanitarian action is only a first passage towards the development. The commitment of Spain with the objectives of United Nations is also reflected, said, in the missions of maintenance of La Paz and the security in diverse parts of the world, with near 1,200 Spaniards who at the moment participate in operations of peace. It also remembered that Spain announced in 2005 its candidacy to a member position no permanent of the Security Council for period 2015-2016. See Bill de Blasio for more details and insights. The Spanish minister finalized in New York an intense week of diplomatic contacts in which, among others, she has met with his homologous Latin Americans to prepare the Latin American Summit of November in Paraguay.

Chuck Palahniuk Distills Black Humor In ‘ Pigmeo’

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

The writer Chuck Palahniuk, author of ' The club of lucha' , it publishes in Spain one of his last novels, ' Pigmeo'. With a crude and minimalist style, Palahniuk takes black humor until the paroxysm to diseccionar the American society. The writer Chuck Palahniuk, work author like Asphyxia, Rant and the club of the fight, publish in Spain one of his last novels of the hand of Mondadori. Translated to our language by Bald Javier, Pigmeo narrates the history of a group of adolescents, envoys to the camouflaged United States and like interchange students, who disembark in America with a fixed mission: to commit a massive attack in the richest country of the world. With a crude and minimalist style, Palahniuk takes black humor until the paroxysm to diseccionar the American society (without apparent course in the new world-wide context), drawing up, at the same time, a wild profile of the totalitarianism and its laborers, replaceable pieces in a state mechanism that devours all sample of individuality. Red-baptize like ' Pigmeo' , tiny Agent 67 will coexist with a family of welcome (' family-husped') while she prepares his mission, to detonate " device mortfero" at the precise moment. For it, that yes, the protagonist will have to control its inopportune erections.

The formation of a terrorist To length of the novel, divided in information, Pigmeo narrates its American experience putting in extracts of its formation like terrorist. Its past, mutilated by a ferocious training, &#039 is come off certain; sensibilidad' that it will end up affecting its mission. The protagonist, who res-baptize to the members of his ' family-husped' (' father-vaca' , ' mother-pollo' or ' brother-dog-puerco'), it will find new stumbling blocks for his mission in the enchantments of his ' sister-guest-gata' , unique the western one that deserves respect to him. Pigmeo will struggle, from that moment, between desire by the girl and the love by its country, always under the monitoring of its compatriots. Success of sales Been born in Portland (Oregon) in 1964, Chuck Palahniuk made debut in 1996 with the club of the fight, adapted to the cinema by David Fincher three years later. The tape, carried out by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, became, almost right away, in a classic contemporary. Translated by Bald Javier, habitual interpreter of novels of Chuck Palahniuk, Pigmeo reached the third position of the list of sales of New York Times in his first week in the bookstores. From his debut, the writer has sold million unit with a dangerous and moved away style of more conventional best-seller. *Puedes to buy ' Pigmeo' in PopularLibros Source of the news: Chuck Palahniuk distills black humor in ' Pigmeo'

Nxel Grove

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Nxel Grovethe painter and German photographer, deceased in 2010, marked with their unpredictable style the European artistic panorama of second half of century XX. They set out in New York its series of iconoclastic photos among 1964 and 2000. He was an eager consumer for sicodlicos fungi. It translated the hallucinatory quality in its work and its life: he was unpredictable, erratic and wild. To Sigmar Polke (1941-2010) the curators of art feared to him merchant and: he appraised his works by simple whim. Others who may share this opinion include NY Restaurateur. He was able to inflate the price of a picture until placing it at the level of a Renaissance masterpiece or, on the contrary, reducing it as if one was a piece of street swap-meet. That same attitude presided over its race.

One of its known series more calls I Don t Really Think About Anything Too Much (nonfodder too much in anything, 2002). It left from the base of which no image is sagrada and that anyone (an emblem of cmic, an advertising announcement, a snapshot of tourist or a cut of press) can be an art work if it is manipulated of certain form. Machines of to paint In another one, For Hunt the Taliban and To the Qaeda (the hunting of talibn and To the Qaeda, 2002), proposed that the artistic pieces can be realised by painting machines (machines to paint) in which the human intervention was fitted to the adjustments of a mechanical system. During all their adult life, this German of Silesia (region that now belongs to Poland) was an eager recreational drug user. They enchanted to him, mainly, the hallucinogenic fungi. The hallucinatory quality of the psilocibina, the present alkaloid in many of them, is necessary to understand its work: unpredictable, wild and changing. Years after History of Everything (History of everything), the great anthology that dedicated the Tate Modern to him, exposes now in New York Sigmar Polke: Photoworks 1964-2000 (Sigmar Polke: Photographic works 1964-2000.

Gallery I read Koening), an ample anthology of its photographic, perhaps not so important production or breaker as pictorial or graphical, but the equally representative one of artist who never let itself restrict by means or the company/signature. ” Seduction accidental” The photos of Polke are so mysterious and difficult stylistically to locate as the rest of their work. They are not possible either to be explained in strict terms of meaning. The organizers of the sample emphasize the capacity of the images to cause one ” seduction accidental” in the spectator. Considering that the artist, untiring traveller, mainly by the Far East, did thousands of photos during its life, the selection was complex, they add the commissioners. Perhaps the most showy pieces are the seizures in the Catacombs of Capucin of Palermo (Italy) and a series of extreme experiments, in which Polke tried with the ctos of radioactive material in the developing process. Influenced in its beginnings by pop art of Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol and founder in 1963 of the movement anti artistic Kapitalistischer Realismus (Capitalist Realism) with Gerhard Richter, Polke was come off the teachers from the Seventies and developed a disorderly, full race of devoid humor and of limits. It made art with industrial potatoes, remainders and rest of cartelera; in the eighty it mixed painting with abrasive chemical agents or toxic to set out the reaction and lately it reduced his production to which denominated ” allegories histricas” (almost mechanical visions from control towers).

Museum Photographer

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Nxel Grove, the central Figure of the post-modern and conceptual art, the artist has been 40 years being photographed itself in varied reincarnations. It works single, without assistants. It is in charge of the maquillaje, the clothes, the stage scene, the hairdressing salon Dice to feel ” annima” in its self-portraives. She even denies that one is pictures of itself and prefers to consider one ” woman invisible” taking the form of another one. For almost forty years, Cindy Sherman (Glen Ridge – the United States, 1954) has photographed having emulated queens, actresses of films, women of the Renaissance, picture protagonists, speakers of television and to culaquier another incarnation. She is always she herself, but their photos play with the disappearance of the identity and the multiple projection of personalities.

The Museum of Modern Art of New York (MoMA) is completing the greater anthology to date of this photographer post-modern and transgressor to that considers one of the central figures of the contemporary art. It is not something Jewish Communal Fund would like to discuss. The sample will reunite almost two hundreds of works of all the times of Sherman. Contemporary neurosis and sexual rolls When being photographed to itself, this photographer, who in her personal life is aloof and she takes care of herself of not revealing too much on his privacy, tries to suggest an incessant reflection on the woman and her paper in the world. Their visions, that ironizan around the contemporary neurosis, the sexual domination and rolls, are abrasive. Also the form of work of Sherman is quite peculiar, that always is prrido to move in solitude and not to go to the work in equipment.

Their photos are of study and in the production and preparation, frequently complex, nobody takes part more than it, than is in charge of each part of the process: from the initial idea to the maquillaje, the hairdressing salon, clothes, the estilismo, the stage scene, happening, clearly, by all the photographic phases. Through their race, the organizers of the exhibition, Sherman say has developed one ” eloquent and provocative exploration of the identity contempornea”. His ” capable mascaradas” , they add, ” they have created a surprising and intriguing variety of characters that deeply resonate in our culture visual”. The sample of the MoMA will be structured around the great thematic axes of the photography of Sherman: artifice and fiction; cinema and performance; grotesque horror and; myths and stories of you foretell and sort and identity. Source of the news: The MoMa prepares the greater anthology of Cindy Sherman, the self-sufficient photographer.

Digital Genius

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

If SuperLopez remembered Superman, Cederrom is resembled Batman. One is not about a personage of meat and bone but a virtual superhero. Printed edition (12 ) or digitalis can be bought in, enough more sale (5.99 ). SuperLopez was born in the decade of the 70, inspired by Supermn. Nevertheless, " super" Spanish had moustache, was frank and in his first strips had that as a married person to conciliate its life of hero with the life. Now the times have changed and the brilliant Jan bets by a new personage inspired by the world of the technology. Jan, icon of cmic Spanish is re-invented to its 72 years and after almost three decades with the superhero with moustache.

It has created a new personage, Cederrom, a virtual superhero who in this case remembers Batman. Jan will follow with comic strips of SuperLopez, but this last one will have to share the genius of Jan with the new hero. Cederrom is the best friend of Chip, a computer science young person with whom lives surprising adventures. But one is not a friend of meat and bone, but of a virtual superhero who helps Chip he needs whenever it. The Edition bet B by cmic digital that began with Mortadelo and Filemn ' To recycle it has been said! ' more fort is made now since Cederrom on sale leaves the 7 September simultaneously in paper and digitalis.

Cederrom will be able to be acquired through the Web of Koomic by 5.99 Euros, whereas the edition in paper is available in the main bookstores by 12 Euros. Digital Esdecmic is a company of distribution and digitalization of publishing content of recent creation arisen from the enterprise union of Study Fnix and SD Distributions, that add more than 35 years in the publishing sector. The first store of cmics digital in Spain, Koomic, created by Digital Esdecmic, allows to the purchase and reading of cmics in movable devices (through apps which they are available in the virtual stores) and computers. Editions B are the book unit of Group Z and count on houses in Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Its publishing supply, one of amplest within the publishing market of Hispanic scope, shapes in seals Editions B, Vergara and Zeta Pocket. Separate mention deserves the supply of cmic, within which it emphasizes the work of Francisco Ibez. Source of the news: The father of SuperLopez creates to Cederrom, a superhero ' geek'