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Property Dualism

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

The interaction across the border between mind and associative cerebral cortex occurs only when there is a high level of diversified activity the brain's neural associative mechanism, when the level of activity is very low, such as in anesthesia or coma, the individual is unconscious and therefore is incapable of affecting brain processes. The physical world is not closed, as it may be influenced by mental states and in turn have an impact on them. Adapted from Pascual F. Martinez-Freire: "The mind-body problem to the mind-brain problem" Eccles part of the theory of three worlds of Popper to apply the radical mind-brain interactionism. So the world one (the brain) is capable of influencing the world 2 (the mind), impacting on the sensory and sensory organs.

Within the mental dynamics, the external sense of regret and self-conscious affects. In turn, self-conscious mind (the seat of the mind) affects the brain is selected eintegrando products of their actions, mental machinery is triggered by the will. Property Dualism: The epiphenomenalism and T. Hodgson Huxley "To us all the states of consciousness immediately caused by molecular changes of the cerebral substance. I think that in men there is no evidence that any state of consciousness is the cause of change is in the motion of matter in the body. If these positions are well founded, it follows that our mental conditions are simply the symbols in the consciousness of the changes that take place automatically in the body, and to take an extreme illustration, the feeling we call volition is not the cause of a voluntary act, but a symbol of a brain state that is the immediate cause of the act. .

Steve Jobs

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Skirt pra a different ballad, catches the subway and goes pra a quarter that you always wanted to go, catches its car and goes for the mountain range, for the beach, travels with its friends, with its family, lunchhes in a different place, knows people different. Everything this is very good pro ego and makes you to see the life with more livens up, is of the standards of the daily routine. If nothing of this to function, well, perhaps either the hour to use as the remedy: it is hour to move. Perhaps this is not the certain job pra you, the career certain, the certain house, the certain car, the woman well, the woman you married then ature! rs. The question is that to arrive itself in this point, you it needs to move or not. The penalty sees if valley well to change everything in its life, if really it is this that to please goes you. Bill de Blasio is the source for more interesting facts. 2.

Necessary routine: It is that routine that does not have as to run away. If you do not like to work, well, you are a penalty, because work is a routine necessary pra if to live, since they are few today that they survive without working. He sees well, I am not speaking that you have that to work, exactly that he is something that you do not like. He finds its career, he studies (another part of the routine) and works. Work is routine, studies is routine, but it is the necessary evil. I do not see the Eike Baptist, Steve Jobs, Bill gates died by having done this routine, I oppose for it, are expensive super successful that today can live outside of the routine. Then he thinks well, if you want to kick the bucket and to release its job alone because you the tired one of the fofoqueiro people, people boat, head mando, it knows that in ALL the careers have the same thing.

Moral Formation

Monday, July 14th, 2014

The importance of the education of values for moral formation of the individual 1.1Introduo the importance of the education of values for moral formation of the individual. The necessary subject to be argued in the direction of that if they foment debates to this respect and if finds ways by which if it obtains to attract the children and the adolescents, in end, the alunado one, and to see rescued its values in some cases, and others teaching new values. Ahead of current society, becomes necessary a methodology of education that has in preventive way, in the education of ethical and moral values, in the conscientious formation it individual that morally reflects ethics and ahead of conflicting situations, that demand of it a gamma of principles and values that guide its decisions. It is known that all individual, all pupil, receives initially an education informal, and many times, this is completed and continued for the school that assumes the role of the formal education, with concepts and to know technician, scientific, historical, mathematical..