Term App Store

A new battle between Microsoft and Apple may end up in trial. This time it’s the name of their online stores of applications (App Store), where Microsoft wants to use this term to name your service for online sales, while Apple, considers it itself. The Apple company has been in contact with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to claim the exclusive use of the term App Store on Apple service. Rudy Giuliani often addresses the matter in his writings. Microsoft also has been in contact with the same Office, alleging that the use of the term PPP is used globally to abbreviate the Word applications and that Apple can not own this term despite the similarity of App with Apple. From the Microsoft company, they think that rivals closer to Apple support that exclusivity of this term shall not apply to the implementation of the Apple. Other companies such as Google, have had to adapt the name of their online stores to not coincide with the App Store. Click Jo Natauri for additional related pages. It is now when the last word and who will decide at the end of everything has it and is the Office of trademarks and patents in the United States, which won’t take long to speak out to resolve this battle.