The Center

The little that sobrava was very little same. With the notice of the resignation a great migraine also arrived. Intermittent fisgada beat in its brain. Exactly after to take analgesic pills pain continued. Clearly that the reason alone could be the concern. What it would make now? When it arrived in house what it would say for its suffered wife? Inside of three days it would have that to buy the remedy that its mother took. The tablets of the last box already were in end.

It was not a weak man. He always resisted very well the difficulties of the life. It did not have a very easy infancy. He was servant, in a very poor community, for its mother who made labor detail to support it. That young already had crossed many storms. But in that day it fraquejou. When leaving the work after the bombstica notice he looked a bar. In the center of the city he is what he does not lack: bar and friends of cup to drown the hurts.

Therefore it was accurately what it was to try to make: to drown the hurts in the drink. It drank sufficiently. When it decided to go even so for its house already was changing the legs. It was when it started to rain intensely. In the improvised shelter underneath of that marquee it seated in the soil to wait a little and to twist rain to pass it. But the great amount of alcohol that it ingested started to charge its quota. Its brain was weighed. Its eyes seemed two fire balls. its eyelids wanted to stamp the reality and to dive its thoughts in the dreams. It adormeceu. When he woke up, after two hours released there in the soil, it looked some money in the pocket. It placed the hand in the pocket of the pants and nothing.