The Culture

On the other hand, the linguistic one also is a great method of attractive, the language like constructor of the social reality, not only like a mere descriptor of the reality. The language, in the interaction, acting and constructing, and, therefore, necessary to include/understand the human interaction. It is evident, in my opinion, that the modern anthropology needed to redefine of its key concepts, for being one of the power stations in its constitution like scientific discipline and by the new conditions of the social reality. The Culture like a material belief, value group, attitude and object that forms the way of life of a society and frames the suitable conducts. These arise by the religion, norms morals that govern the daily interaction, being reflected in the way to think, to act, relation of the individuals serving to maintain the system social in which that culture is included. The culture also has the capacity to put limit to our actions, without for that reason she remains static.

From century XX, concepts as it can be the sexism, racism and rejection towards unjust homosexuals are being treated about irrational and (little by little), favoring more and more the free expression. The culture at no moment is something rigid nor homogenous in a society. Modifications and fights appear in values and customs of certain sectors of the society. The society and its culture are not impermeable to the influences of others, having by consequence cultural interchanges. These different cultural forces are the same forces that they allow to a society and its culture to progress towards new forms. The culture, as far as its transmission of generation in generation, it can lead to the reproduction of you rule dangerous: racial prejudices or the strong present competition by the triumph, and also has the capacity to put limit to our actions, although for that reason she does not remain static.