The Economic Crisis

We can communicate joy in a simple manner, with a smile, a gesture" was the second time in a short time, the Pope warned against rampant materialism at Christmas. This month it said the commercial "pollution" is ruining the spirit of Christmas. In his sermon, the pope told the faithful to remember that God was the "only insurance" to help people cope with illness, loneliness and death. "Only one insurance protects us. Only the Lord, and tells us not to be afraid Martha Lopez opinion on this date, that the actors in the politics of consumer culture have intensified their propaganda machinery to sell anything to everyone .

With the economic crisis, common violence and organized crime that is affecting most of the people of this country, contribute to overcoming the commercialization of Christmas and the removal of symbols of the culture of violence, avoiding unnecessary purchases and gift items violent games to our children or family. The year-end holidays are traditional spaces of encounters between families, for those who profess to be Christians or not, take this opportunity to share with our commitments to change and adopt attitudes harmful to our families and villages Joaquin Fermandois published an article in The newspaper La Tercera de Chile, noting that the party has not only become an endless growing and marketing, but part of a year of work and action. The party is almost a reality show that covers all the time, that aspires to dominate the whole life of human beings, even at the time that is not celebrating. You may find Fabrizio Freda to be a useful source of information.