The Head

I remember that I was to play of martial fight with a friend and it if advanced on it and for little did not bite it. When it aged, was in the shade of cinamomo quietinho. While all the other cachorros abanavam the tail frightening the flies, it not even it was moved. It was looking at for the flies. Therefore it always was full of bernes. I find that the flies were its company, I did not frighten them not to be alone. When we went to work. I remember when the Migo was young, it did not tolerate foxes.

It had a fox in the box of the lining of our house. I until would obtain to kill it, but he would not obtain to take off it of there after deceased, imagines an animal died in the lining of the house. It was better to leave alive. But it invented to take a walk of night in stom and urinava for low. It was a nojeira.

What to make? I remembered the Migo. The stairs went up, it were terrified, but he was quietinho. I put the head of it in the hole when it saw the fox if it transformed, it was there to search. I held it for the back legs, abocanhou animal. I pulled it in return with the fox in the mouth. I knew the temperament of the friend. After old he lost its vigor, but not it hatred to the foxes. However it gave itself badly with the ourio, pigs thorn, it also did not leave for less. He killed the bites and later it was the full mouth of thorns, I I tried to pull out, but he had to ache very, I cut the tips of the thorns and I placed vinegar in the tips. Dog none advanced itself on it, could be, be able if the double of size of it that frightened it. Ouriava for and with the dignity and a monarch it gave one snarled and the other dog went even so with the tail between the legs. Mrio de Andrade already said that friendship is a love nobler than the conjugal love. Cimes does not have the ingredient and exclusiveness is not demanded. I believe this and I say that we must look for to be friends and not to have friends To have friends they estimate property. Without friendship we will not find emotional and existencial the balance. to continue to be friend of somebody we must have a deep friendship with the nature. The land is an alive being intelligent and it knows who is its friend. Let us keep joined us and let us conserve the ternura. Of given hands the scene is prettier, more beautiful.