The Key

It spends the time that you can make some exercise that you like and that benefits. Itself you have 5 min, in agreement, but hazlo every day. 2. The daily certainty to secure results. As you see, the philosophy that I suggest is very simple. One is to introduce newness in your day to day through small stimuli. The key is TO BE CONSTANT AND TO DO IT EVERY DAY. 3.

The images and the color: resources for one more a freer and creative mind.When you notice that you are repetitive and boring, with obsessive ideas that they block to you, I propose the following exercise to you in two steps: 1 writes it arises what you in a paper. You do not judge it, only writes. Later you break and it strips. It will help you to relax your mind. 2 color visualizes (the one that you want) and associates it to an image.

For example: green – a meadow of fresh grass. Blue: the sea. Orange: the sun in a dawn, creates your own associations, if nothing is happened to you watches some magazine for inspirarte.To visualize images of your affability they will help you to nourish your mind and to harness your capacity to generate freer and creative ideas. You can begin with nature images: the sea, a daisy cascade, mountains, sky, field, Acostmbrate to create images of stimulus or relax. Our head usually is full of repetitive thoughts, words, phrases, the image and the color provide one more a mind to us more creative than it thinks of freer and clear way.As we are not customary at the outset costs a little, you practice but it every time will be easier to you.