The Love

Your pair it shows some behavior that makes you feel that it is very difficult to follow with the relation, and you think that your pair does not have desire or the capacity to change it? The results matter more than the intentions. If your pair behaves of a way that for you is intolerable, with necessity a permanent change must take place, or you will need to leave it. For example: ” It leaves of to smoke by 30 days, or me voy.” To try to tolerate the intolerable thing will only erode your self-esteem, and you will see yourself so hard in the past as in the present. 6.

You see same when sights in the eyes of your pair? A metaphor if you do not feel a strong compatibility with your pair, you would be better with another person. 7. Your pair and you they are respected the one to the other like individuals? Nothing of mutual respect = lost time. 8. Your pair it is an important resource for you so that you worry about her? If your pair makes very little to improve your life and if you would not lose anything important for you leaving it, djala. You will be in favor better of your own account, and will win very many looking for another person who is a resource for you. 9. Your relation it has a proven capacity for the pardon? If they cannot pardon the transgressions of the other, then the resentment will be replacing gradually to the love.

Termnala. 10. You and your pair they are amused together? A relation that is not funny is dead. Termnala. 11. You and your pair they have goals and mutual dreams for its future together? If they do not glide to spend his future together, something is terribly bad. It looks for in another side.