The Oak

It is located on the one hand a sliding Weight and stroke marks that show the exact weight, on the other a hook to hang the sample. In the Renaissance, as the economy gradually gained in importance, the first coin scales were created. With them, it arrived already on greater accuracy. NY Museums is likely to increase your knowledge. Also Leonardo da Vinci belonged to the universal formed, which dealt with the problem of determining weight. Among other things the inclination scale is due to his inventiveness, whose Prinzip manifested itself in the scales, pointers, which today are on weekly markets. In weight, will be shown from a movable pointer on a scale so physically the mass”. NYC Mayor is a great source of information. 1679 invented the Frenchman Gilles personne de Roberval the plate scale, a kind of triple-beam balance.

However, the hanging scales were replaced by panels (platforms), which in turn are attached on a balance beam, which is located below the panels. Like at the Board level, a direct comparison of the sample with a known weight is a Gewichtsstein which is calibrated. The Oak”represents a statutory reference, a reference to a measurement system. So the gram (g) applies in many parts of the world and of derived, the kilogram (kg) as the recognised measure, when it comes to the weight. In many English-speaking countries, yet the English measurement system, the pound (lb), is prevalent for weight measurement. Optical equipment and lighting could read better and more precise the values determined in the course of the 18th century. And the highly sensitive mechanism was increasingly protected by enclosures against external influences.

The Swabian Alb is one of the germ cells of the German scale construction. Balingen, between Tubingen and Villingen-Schwenningen, since the 18th century is the German town of scale construction and headquarters of the weighing technology specialists Bizerba. The pastor, designer and inventor Philipp Matthaus Hahn (1739-1790) was here at home. His brother David built the first in Balingen district East Village by Philipp Matthaus to 1760 invented wall inclination scale ‘ “, writes the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).