The Person

Is a psychologist on the internet reliable? This depends on the suitability, professionalism, preparation and experience of the professional providing the service how do I know if I am against a professional, serious and responsible? The best way is to apply for an initial contact and see how we respond via mail to our concerns, as it handles the situation. It is advisable to also continue its publications, follow him on social websites like facebook, to be able to get an idea about how you work, how it relates to people who follow him and generally bring us an opinion about him. An initial consultation will also allow us to see if we can establish an empathetic relationship with him, if the service pleases us. Among other things. Is it really effective? Yes, of course, but that depends on the suitability of the professional, as well as the personal commitment of the person requesting it. Do you can help me to my? Of course, you can help who wants to help, is ready to receive it, and to commit themselves to the process of change is difficult to receive it, I need much technical knowledge of the internet to be able to carry out? No, required knowledge are basic, know minimally manage the internet and have an account in a messaging system. Can I receive the service? clear, is for all who want a personal growth, an aid in a conflict situation in their lives, solve problems to personal, professional, social, family or couple. Troubleshoot situations of crisis, stress, anguish, or everything that affects us in our lives, we limit, and would prevent us to achieve these goals or objectives that we both want to get original author and source of the article..