The Personage

This takes to remember to imagine it some situations, travels for other dimensions, if it transforms into snake, woman, flies, colloquy with God, devil, mitolgicas figures between as much others and still has the figure of a crow that is constantly to observe it. In this direction it perpassa the existence human being and reflects on same. For (BLANCHOT, 1987, P. 232) ‘ ‘ In the workmanship the man speaks, but the workmanship of the voice, in the man, what it does not speak, to the inomvel, to the inhuman one, what it is truth, without justice, without right, where the man does not recognize itself, is not felt justified. The question of I. ‘ ‘ Who I am? Of where I came? For where I go? ‘ ‘ they are impregnated in this workmanship and represents the essence of the life human being, through the voice that the reader tells perceives that this voice represents all the human beings, for the fact of the questions that we every day make in them to be implicitly placed in the text, that at a first moment is difficult of if understanding since beyond much divagao the text is impregnated of metaforizadas figures. We take as base what it says BLANCHOT (224). ‘ ‘ The workmanship makes to appear what it disappears in objeto’ ‘.

In this particular universe of each personage, the narrator says or better philosopher concerning the existence of each human being. I curse the statutes of the time with its bochorro, stocking night that collects the shades, midnight. The Abuela if twists, espasmos, dream that if to it you bathe they espremem them, go down a fat river, the child dream that it is to the side of the sand sea making castelinhos, the woman inside dream of its marriage, a fianc veil floating of a church, I dream that I am awaken and I see written in the page blank the letters Alpha and Omega, rubbles of a gtico castle on of a hill floating in the high mist, go up with difficulty are a druida temple, inside old priests officiate there, are an indian sioux that vacant for New York, I am a templrio burnt in the fogueira, am a prophet crucificado Persian and flaid, I am a Jew that it looks at fascinated Christ to die in the cross, I am a young Egyptian priest inside of the pyramid, I am I inside of this library thinking about the word: no word will come if me of mago of this night?