The Politics Of Productive Employment

I know that this development can raise ideological objections. But between ideology and practical problems of people, I stay with people. If any of us reading this honor partnership, believes in the domestic economy, I suggest you make a photocopy of it and send it to friend who might be interested. Convinced at this point in my life, people are always more important that governments, including the best of these, I trust that the domestic economy, concocted by common sense, be a powerful tool for the times ahead “HOUSEKEEPING and productive employment” by Mr. Alfredo Armando Aguirre I think it is a desirable goal for any country, the entire population ” economically active, be productive jobs. It is worth mentioning that when we say people “economically active”, we are not considering, for various reasons, adolescents, the elderly and the disabled. And when we say that those jobs should be “productive” alluding to the efforts themselves must be physical and / or intellectual for the procurement of goods and services.

The stated objective of such sublime purposes is difficult to achieve in our country and anywhere else on Earth. However, it will be in vain, speculations are made to look that way from now on, this goal can be achieved. One is tempted to make a long statement of history as he tried to “create jobs” ‘in Argentina. But the changing global circumstances are as substantial for a long time that we should consider leaving aside the tools that they resorted to generate jobs, industrial import substitution and public employment. .