The Sea

Real estate is not movable by nature, but by a legal fiction presented as real estate. Real estate by the determination of the law is certain movable property by nature, that the law indicates them the quality of real estate since its exercise of the mortgage amount. Real estate by the object on which you apply the law strikes an object property is immovable. For example the right to possession of a House will be immovable. GOODS furniture do not have stable or fixed seat, can be easily transported by space, any damage. Real estate by their nature are those likely to move without prejudice to any objects.

for example animals Real estate by the ETERMINACION of law are those which the law indicates as collateral for example: actions, literary rights. Property real estate by the object on which apply are those rights projected over movable. Example the right of possession of one machine will be a movable property.

Peruvian legislation in our legislation as we will see later protect only two classes of goods furniture and property, its members, accessory parts and its fruits and products. KINDS of goods article 885-real estate are real estate: 1. the soil, the subsoil and the surface. 2. The sea, lakes, rivers, springs, water currents and waters living or sedentary. Mines, quarries and hydrocarbon deposits. Ships and aircraft. The docks and wharves. The pontoons, platforms and floating buildings. The concessions to exploit public services. 8 Mining concessions obtained by individuals. Stations and railroad and rolling affected service. The rights on registered properties in the registry. Other goods to which the law gives such quality. Article 886.-Movable furniture are: 1. the land vehicles of any kind. 2 Natural forces capable of appropriation. 3 Buildings in alien terrain, made for a temporary purpose.