The Tax Code

We must remember that this is not always the case. The Tax Code allows the charging of excise duty as from refineries and depots, and from the gas station. Therefore, buying petrol, you should pay attention to what exactly is included in the selling price of fuel. After all, according to this price gap may be significant. Excise tax in Russia over petrol Grade A-76 (80) is 2,190 rubles. / m for A-92 and A-95 – 3000 rubles. / t for diesel fuel – 890 rubles / ton. Safety Argued that the gasoline business crime.

However, its level of criminalization of not higher than that across the country. Local authorities are not interested in the death of the company bearing the golden eggs. " True, in response, they forced the owners to comply with maximum precaution. Modern gas stations must remind banking institution, rather than the usual mini-market. Doors and windows must-do-skinned, and the cashier with its equipment should not be seen. Plus, the cashier under no circumstances has the right during working hours to open the door and enter the street. At each gas station must have an alarm button.

Under the contract immediately a police team arrived at the gas station, if something happens. Contract worth a little: on the road – 1000 rubles. a month in the city – 7000 rub. per month. If there is a shop, then all should still be its own paramilitary guard. Salaries of guards vary widely – from 3000 rubles. up to $ 3000 Opinion is now the market is gradually saturated, and at the forefront not only offer gasoline, how many desire to ensure itself takes place the buyer of quality merchandise.