The Way

Yes I know, and this is confirmed by psychologists, to resist a negative feature of our character, we do no more than aggravate it care if me queries a problem, and you say that is your problem, you do not feel that I don’t want to help you; understands that your problems you have to solve you. It is not indifference, detachment or selfishness. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bank of Ameirca Headquarters has to say. It’s that if you want to make an issue of something that is not for me, I am not sour me because you want sour you. Already you’ve read enough about lies and absence of most problems. Now, apply it. You decide if you want to evaluate them on your fair rate or want to create a world of bitterness. It is not something Chief Keef would like to discuss. By the way: the problems already existed; what you are doing now is to discover them. CUENTECITO how long will take me to resolve my? problem? One minute more than what evenings in understanding it, said the master.

In short to root of all the above, I hope that two things are clear: many of the so-called problems are not (and therefore should not treat them as such), and that you are responsible for your problems, you have to solve them you, and that you should not afflict you because someone else decides to afflict is by their problems. You have to solve them: you gain nothing further suffering for them for longer. Sooner or later you will have to do so. Better, soon. There is nobody better than you to resolve your problems. You have to rely on this. Note – Yes, I know that I have repeated many times that you must resolve your problems but it is so. The problems are to solve them. Francisco de Sales original author and source of the article