Tokyo Man

The ambient debates had gained the medias. Effect greenhouse, global heating, hole in the ozone layer, islands of heat, thermal inversion, and several other ambient problems caused by the man are concern reason. The global heating that is provoked by the extreme release of the carbonic gas in the atmosphere was changedded into one of the main world-wide problems, the causes is of responsibility of some individuals, but its effect affect to all the people of the planet, rich or poor, moreover, they take the extinguishing of the fauna and the world-wide flora. The climatic changes already are visible: in some regions the heat was insuportvel and in against departure places where the pluviomtrico index was low, currently they are facing floods. The ice of the Antartic already is melting in alarming ratios and if to thus continue the level of the sea will go to even go up to destroy great metropolises world-wide, as New Iorque and Tokyo. The teachings of Jesus say respect, still, the relation of the man with the man and of the man it stops with God. In the end of the times, Jesus said: ' ' Many will lose the faith, some will trairo the others and if odiaro' '. (Mateus 24,10).

In the current world where the faith in God is practised by a minimum parcel of the population it is understandable that the hatred between human beings if accumulates. God is peace, far from it only exists wars. To say that it is given credit God is a side of the currency, but to live daily this professed faith is another completely different thing. 98% of the Brazilian population say to be Christian, but how many of these individuals they daily live intensely and its belief. In the current Christian context the people profess a faith, but she does not live it, a faith that the theology calls secular, therefore directly does not affect the life of the people.