Tolerance Zero

Tolerance zero for who does not say my Portuguese In 1963 our family if it moved of Would be vacant, Glad Fertile valley city for You would make aprazvel Brito, one cidadezinha of the Cear interior, situated the edges of the river Caris, stuck it enters the mountain range of the Quincunc and a known hill as Serrinha. At this time, I and my Gino partner mount a fabric store in the center of the city, good in front of the Square of the Clock, one of main monuments of the city. Come of the interior I did not get rid milk mine gadinho, nor I also forgot bringing my mule Star and Golden mine burrinho. No handspan happens that I not possua land, and not even a corral to milk the milk cattle. But in You would make Brito I found acolhedoras and amiable people, who had offered grass to me for the animals and until a corral, good pertinho of my house. Therefore, quick here my posthumous homages the Aurlio Liberalino de Meneses, former-mayor of the city of You would make Brito and Antonio Blacksmith Rasp, my friend and will xar, more known for the nickname of Antonio Lol, which had helped me to keep my small flock. At the time of the winter the life sprouted exuberant in the hinterland, then after first rains of January. Then the babugem and rama, changed the color of the torrid landscape of the outeiros, in a green carpet of relva that it served to feed the reses and the animals of service. At this time we freed the milk cattle in the tray, an extensive area of native grass and without you surround, that he was extended of the Serrinha until the Aroeiras. To tardinha the milk cattle was collected to the corral for apartao of the year-old calves in aleitamento phase.