Uni Mate Self-service For The User & Rights Management Automates

Only a simply realisable workflow design is necessary instead of customizing many self-service portals do not offer sufficient automated deployment and approval processes Langenfeld, 26.10.2011 – according to a recent study of Ogitix AG in the IT organizations of the enterprises, providing self-service for IT services is gaining in importance. So two-thirds of the companies want to have implemented until in the next two years about appropriate solutions. After the experiences of the Ogitix consultants the theme self service is however often not consistently considered enough because market-typical systems this largely confined to ordering a shopping basket approach, without to automate the deployment also raised and approval processes. Most of the time these processes are supported only rudimentary, to concept of self service can however not enough unfold,”Ogitix CEO Ingo Buck problematized. The now-standard service portals are relatively static, even if elaborately designed user interfaces with a modern presentation of the functions give a different impression.” And who is thus not satisfied, must accept a time-consuming customizing normally. With the platform University mate”the software house brought therefore a solution on the market, which specializes in the automation of processes and therefore also in the area of self-service for the user management has an ideal usage field.

Their special characteristic is that the typical routine activities such as about the application of system permissions, ordering a Wi-Fi connection or the desire can be automatically created after a password reset. Also the service-individual approval procedure is included in it. “Instead of the usual customizing only a simply realisable workflow design is necessary, because Ogitix University materials” the processes as automated workflow makes available, which can be obtained via a self service portal or time-controlled run. For the Introduction of the automation solution is necessary, any change in the technical infrastructure because uni mate”about has an open and modular structure of the interface. Even a highly heterogeneous environment therefore represents no hurdle for a rapid deployment. Implemented this approach not only expenses low and fast, but always very flexible new services in the self service portal can be integrated. At the same time is provided for the necessary revision security, since in uni mate all processes and changes automatically, accurately and comprehensibly documented”, emphasizes buck.

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