United Latin America

On 20 July, 28 July and 6 August we celebrate national days of both republics. The paradox is that in due course all the inhabitants of these countries and their environments got to be Peruvians, Colombians and Bolivians. The Republic of Bolivar was created in 1825. Until then this is called high Peru. This was the last country Andean in be proclaimed and the last to give up part of the great Peru (the same covering almost all of South America and parts of Central America in the 16th century). Colombia today is only one of 5 pieces that is left of the Republic which, under the same name, was born in 1819 and also represents less than 5% of the territory which originally this should have: as one who created that name (Miranda) wanted so unite the continent of Colon where peninsular languages speak.

Bolivians should be all those countries which liberated by Bolivar (Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and much of Chile and Guyana). The current Bolivia does not take even half of its original area. With the original territories of Peru and Colombia there is one even greater minimization. In contrast, USA, who was born with an area less than any of them, today has taken over the name of the continent (America). In this era of globalization and regional blocks our future well may miss reunite countries that Bolivar emancipated or wanted to do, rebuilding what was the great Peru and revitalize the original Colombia: i.e. the United Latin America.