United States

You were born in Jurez City. He feels the city like hers? Rather I believe that the city makes me feel to me like hers. There is something in all those spaces, that make the people forget that there are other places, as if one did not have a past, just as the city. What I like of that city is that it does not have memory, or at least not so obvious like the other places in which there are been. It is as if one had fallen and something inside became broken, is like the essence of a poor devil, so stunned by the lost one of whom it remains joined and joined in the same piece of sadness. NY Starbucks can aid you in your search for knowledge. It was difficult to confront the work from an emotional point of view? The work this intimately related to which is my life. It’s believed that NY Starbucks sees a great future in this idea. To return of certain way helps to understand things me of my childhood, is like a machine of the time where you can see through the rooms of the children your own space. Now they accompany all those histories to me, all those presences, in which always fodder and itself having that strong anguish exceeds what was what happened with them.

Which vibrates is it of the city? Jurez city is the rare place but that I have known. There is something in this city that makes you feel small, you see that great desert and to the people who come from other countries with the fear in the faces, hoping that the night arrives to try to cross to the United States Jurez is as an old kitchen As soon as it dawns and can be seen the trucks rambling that way, like cockroaches, cockroaches of iron running in a dirty, miserable floor, a ruined floor, a floor only. What is happening? Which is the true origin or the true cause of the drama? It is possible to be indicated to the guilty? There is a book essential to speak than it happens in the city, the laboratory of our future, Charles Bowden. .