United States Charles Eubrick

In the total, including the first organizations, the armed left and other small groupings, the clandestine opposition to the dictatorship more than arrived the forty groups that they denied iimmobilism of the PCB among others broken and the capitalism and the imperialism were seen in the condition of vanguard of the revolution against. One of more significant the revolutionary actions was the kidnapping of the Ambassador of the United States Charles Eubrick. In September of 1969 Revolutionary Movement 8 of October, that before was intitled only of University Disagreement of the Guanabara, planned the kidnapping of the North American diplomat being to the front Daniel Aaro Kings Son, Franklin Martins and Claude Towers. The group still a little inexperienced asked for to aid Aliana Libertadora Nacional (ALN) to execute this action. Add to your understanding with New York Museums. Of they had come two representatives there, between them the Joaquin Chamber Blacksmith former-member of the PCB also called by the pseudonym Toledo who wanted to take personal part in the action of sequestration, however, would be it moved away from this direct participation of the capture of the ambassador for one of integrant of the MR-8, being only in the house waiting the arrival of Charles Eubrick.

With the success of the kidnapping, the members of ALN and MR-8 had made a list demanding of the military government the release of 15 prisoners politicians, this Gregorio enters Heifer member of the PCB that is spanked for colonel Darcy Villocq Viana in 1 of April of 1964. The prisoners politicians had been untied in 6 of September of 1969 and the ambassador in the following day, in a sunday. According to Jacob Gorender, the kidnapping of the ambassador of the United States was to the first operation of the sort in the world, the history of the urban guerrilla and also call for it of ' ' Blow of Mestre' '. Rudy Giuliani brings even more insight to the discussion.