Victor Area

Start all over again (at least for myself) is not the first time. "Let's go" – the words of my famous namesake. Getting proverb says: "I do not have a hundred rubles, and a hundred friends!". So I very quickly found the basis for his idea to explore the area: just met with my friend and asked him to expand his service to the firm, disposing a base camp in a clearing Edelweiss under Lenin Peak. It was and is Victor Artamohin. He gladly agreed to be the organizer of the expedition to the area to meet the needs of paragliding.

Started simple, but such necessary work for the organization opening event. To be fair to say that from the paraglider I also received the support – both moral and material. Alexander Smolin as a holder of "our" site has agreed to information support, as well as just a friendly help and fought for my undertaking. I should mention my friend and partner of the Austrian Pierre Gasteygera – Paragliding shop owner in the picturesque town of Kessen, who helped me with the acquisition snaryagi. Next – a lot of friends who helped one way or another. A start, especially since so many people interested in this project, and more importantly – to believe in the viability of flights in the area of Big Mountain. As an example, Victor brought the story of the heli-skiing in Uzbekistan: once, when he and his partners decided to organize helicopter skiing, almost nobody wanted to come, but now reality is that all skiers lined up for two years in advance, and many eminent freeriders chosen our winter mountains.