Vida Concert

Society published the nominated artists for the Kaiserswerther Kunstpreis 2008 friends of the arts. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has firm opinions on the matter. Over 1700 applications arrived for the Kaiserswerther Kunstpreis 2008 artists from Germany. 5,000 art Prize for fine arts will be awarded in 2008 for the fourth time. The prize awarded by the two doctors of Prof. Dr. Martin Jackson and Dr.

Afschin Fatemi and the curator and artistic director of the company friends of Arts Dusseldorf Berlin New York Gottfried Bohmer and aimed solely at artists. First-prize winner was the Jorg Alaa village and Gerhard Merz student Johanna Rzepka. She was awarded home sweet home, which addressed the single company, for its work cycle. In honor of the artist, the pianist Marta Maria Georgia Tanea gave a piano concert. in 2006, the prize went to the Dresden-born artist Kristin Dembny for their work cycle Viva la Vida, which deals with the life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo set apart. The framework programme to the award ceremony was rounded with a concert by Daniela Rothenburg & the voyagers.

2007 song of the Amazons was honored the Pforzheim-born artist and master student of Prof. Hermann-Josef Han Dorothea Schule for its work cycle 50 years Treaty of Rome. Dorothea Schule dealt with the strong women in the European film of the post-war period. The ceremony was accompanied with a concert by Baptiste Pawlik and his fine young musicians. Under the 2007 applications in 2008, 5 artists were nominated by Gottfried Bohmer. 1. the Tokyo-born artists Yun Lee. She studied with Prof. Jannis Kounellis and is master student of Prof. Thomas Ruff. In recent years, the artist has completed a diverse exhibition activity.