Water Crystals

Carlos Mora Vanegas Be vigilant in all relationships where we express themselves more with the basic elements of this planet Earth, such as water, it helps to get information to help us understand more about our Universe, our role, to grow in spiritual and personal. Pedestrians always have your attention, observation, dedication, will provide results that contribute greatly to understand everything around us, to interpret the messages and signs that invite us to discover what it has left us while we are allowed to travel on this plane. Such is the case of Masur Emoto was born in Japan in 1943. He studied International Relations at the University of Yokohama and graduated Doctor of the Open International University for Alternative Medicine has been devoted to the investigation of different types of water, took tap water in Japan (Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka, etc.) and abroad (London, Paris, New York, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Manaus). He took water samples from springs, sources, groundwater, rivers, lakes, swamps and Antarctic ice. Through a method of MRI, photographed all those waters and made thousands of photographs, the results are seen with the naked eye. His hypothesis is that water crystals reflect the essence of it. Wrote an interesting book: The Healing Power of Water, published by the Obelisco, the book is the result of a curious process that was born apparently by chance, if such a thing exists, and grew almost autonomous and spontaneous.

It is a book that raises more questions than answers. Muscaria.com added to the connection that opens the window to the contemplation of a landscape hitherto unobserved for the reader, if you wish, is involved in its observation. Someone said that the lighting are those moments that allow us to see the same from a new and different. The Japanese Emoto has been conducting experiments around the world about the impact of ideas, words and music on the water molecules. The descriptions below are drawn from his book, which publishes the results. Emoto he wants to convey through his research that the water not only provides information but is also sensitive to the feelings and consciousness. This information is made beautifully visible to crystallize water.

If the water crystals are deformed to any message, voice, emotion, music to convey in their environment by changing its molecular structure itself actually we have a spectacular breakthrough because, among other things, our body has more than 60% water structure. Emoto focused on messages that emanate from the glass of water and says that if you take a water sample is taken O, 5 cm. Cubic with a dropper. Then poured into petri dishes, and prepared 50 d these samples and frozen in a freezer at a temperature of a “25 degrees Celsius for three hours.