Wicker Furniture

You decide to upgrade your interior, or you wanted something new and straight from the tin – then pay attention to the wicker furniture. It helps to create a unique spiritual atmosphere, harmony and comfort in your home. Note that Wicker furniture was very popular in the 19 th century and was associated with elite villas of the Russian intelligentsia. Today, fashion is coming back on the wicker furniture, a range which is widely represented in various furniture showrooms. It would seem that the appearance of various expensive materials and technologies in the market of furniture production would have to push the wicker furniture from the furniture market, but this did not happen. Now it is increasingly occurred in various cafes, summer playground and verandas, as well as in country houses.

Depending on the design wicker furniture can look very aristocratic and stylish, or modest and ascetic. Obvious advantage and value of such furniture is handmade, which prevails in its production, but the quality of such furniture, obviously depends on the talent of the craftsmen who are able to implement non-standard design ideas to life. Masters unite in their robots different techniques of weaving, textures of fabrics and inserts of leather, metal, glass. The details of such furniture weave separately and only then combined in a unique and unique work of art. Assortment of wicker furniture is simply amazing – from the traditional wicker chairs and tables to beds and cabinets. Furthermore, becoming more popular different wicker accessories that allow you to realize your design vision. Knitting uses a variety of algae, plant stalks, tree branches, etc. However, the most common material for weaving in Europe continues to be a willow rod.

Products from the vines look very aristocratic and elegant, though make some very complex products because of lack of elasticity of the vine is quite difficult. It is also very stylish and effectively looks like wicker furniture made of bamboo in restaurants Oriental cuisine. However, the most perfect material for making wicker furniture is a tropical vine – rattan. This material is fine and can bend to purchase any form. In addition, this furniture is easily cleaned and marked for its durability and practicality. In summary, we note the main advantages of this furniture. Firstly, it is high quality and ecological purity. Second, the refined style and elegance. Third, natural material, bioenergetics and massage, air ventilation, light and natural color. All this makes wicker furniture so popular among customers.