We arrive at the point where already it is not being possible, for some, to discern between fiction and reality. In the same mat they follow those that already do not obtain to discern the certainty from the wrong one, therefore everything seems only one question of philosophical positioning. Also already it is not possible, for many, to discern what it is wisdom of what is madness. The instaladoTudo chaos this is the result of the molding of the global thought practised by the modern thinkers and approved as goal of the ONU for all the peoples, manipulating the opinion of the masses and taking them it the common sense of tolerance and convivncia. The courses of leadership in the evanglicas churches, by the way, are given on the basis of these lines of direction they will transform and them into arm of social action, breaking its main ministry: of evangelizao and of the education of the Word of God. Through this molding of thought all the barriers will be destroyed and substituted by the global thought of peace and harmony between all the peoples, of which the ecumenismo is the predecessor.

The resultant philosophical chaos of the shock between the truth and the lie is establishing a regimen of generalized madness. Moral questions already are something passed it and today everything is allowed. All luck of aberrations is bombando in the medias and what it is certain true are today only conjecturas, therefore the final truth is the result of the mathematical average between the certain the wrong one, false and the true one, so that all can coexist in harmony, exactly having contrary opinions.