WWE Cruiserweight Championship

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Psychosis in the WWE.
The Mexicools made their debut as heels on June 23, 2005. In his first appearance, the three members went into the ring in a mower of the John Deere company to enroll more Hispanic saying the name John Deere, , and wearing a monkey fight. They attacked the two then heel Chavo Guerrero and Paul London during a fight for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship .
Youth a short promo questioning the lack of real Mexican wrestlers in the Cruiserweight division in the WWE, before going to ridicule the current status of Mexicans in the U.S. in general. Psicosis broken mower and arrived at a “Mexican Limo 2005” and the group claimed that even the president of Mexico makes it ridiculous to Mexicans in the U.S. (Referring to the controversial remarks of Vicente Fox that Mexican immigrants do jobs that “not even blacks want to do, “a racist comment from both sides). Youth then state that they were “not for a long time they had to clean toilets and work for” them “(the” gringos “) but” they “went to work for” us “(The Mexicools),” before saying the sentence: “we’re not Mexican, but if Mexicools!” In the weeks that followed, continued to interfere in the fighting and ridiculing the stereotypical image of Mexicans in the U.S., even coming into the ring each with their own mower.
Had their combat debut in the July 14 episode of SmackDown!, With a victory over Paul London, Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki. They made their PPV debut at The Great American Bash, defeating the team bWo. 6 In the following weeks, getting to interfere in the fighting and William Regal in the segment of Christian “Peep Show.”
The Mexicools then enfeudaron with the heel in Veolcity Full Blooded Italians, and this change was made to face the group. Youth won a Cruiserweight Battle Royal that included the three Mexicools, deserve after a battle the Cruiserweight Title at WWE No Mercy 2005. Youth win the battle at No Mercy and the title .
The Mexicools then focused their attention on winning the WWE Tag Team Championship. Youth lost the title on a house show cruise in Italy. This week on SmackDown! in tribute to Eddie Guerrero Mexicools three participated in a battle royal interpromocional, which won Youth. In the November 25 episode of SmackDown! Juventud defeated Nunzio to become the champion for the second time cruising. 16 On December 2 in SmackDown!, Psicosis and Super Crazy won a chance to be the Number 1 candidate to face the champions in pairs to MNM Armageddon in 2005. This became a tag team match after normal that MNM lost the WWE Tag Team Championship in the last episode of SmackDown! before Armageddon against Rey Mysterio and Batista. Armageddon Youth Cruise lost his title against Kid Kash, and MNM defeated Super Crazy and Psicosis with the help of Melina. One of the biggest weights on the homepages of the schools is … regrets the lack of time to update the pages. Publication Date: …
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