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One concludes that the religion is only one theory that stimulates the man to search a direction for the existence. But as already the direction of the life was said is in searching it. It is not end in itself. Of – only as movement of the being route what it is not and never it will be. It is only defined as will to find and to try the nothing, as everything, this it is, he is not objective, it does not have essence. ' ' Safe religion the individual of its nothing, exempts it of its essential inquietude e, in exchange for its faith, of its confidence, its good will, clearly offers to it to the being and the peace tracing to it a way to follow to reach felicidade.' ' (Cf.

The direction of the Philosophy, Marcel Conche, Martins Sources, So Paulo, 2006, P. 70). Therefore, it has intrinsic to the human being a movement in direction its essence, to its mago, therefore the human being is born outside of itself. Its accomplishment consists of finding if itself exactly, to try its essence, to find its center. But in the center, in mago the nothing meets. when trying the nothing, the human being is become distressed.

From there the religion offers to the man a direction for the life that entorpece of the real existencial tragedy: the nothing. August Valdec email: Permitted in Philosophy for the College Catholic of Glad Landing? Free course; Bachelor in Theology for the Pontifical College of Theology Ours Lady of Installation? Course of the MEC; Postgraduate (Broad Sense) in Parapsicologia for the American Latin Center of Parapsicologia? Free course; Postgraduate (Broad Sense) in Ethics and Philosophy for the northwestern College of Mines? Course of the MEC. Poem author of the Being & Complex poems? Philosophy in Verses. April of 2011