Analytical Property

The Concept of the word Mother-in-law in its Analytical property Inside of a theological context what we can analyze regarding this subject? As starting point we can define that all mother-in-law is mother of somebody, being mother it is because one day it also already had a mother-in-law, and if already she had one then soon is not inexperienced in the subject. No son-in-law deals with its mother-in-law without it knows what she is to have a son or a son and no mother-in-law deal with its son-in-law without it knows what he is to have a mother despite even though with it being its mother he does not legitimize. Then we are not dealing with here inexperienced people in this subject, for it I oppose who is mother-in-law knows what it is to have a son and who is son-in-law knows what is to have a mother. Thus in this aspect we will send in them to the book of Genesis.2: 21-23 ' ' Then Mr. Deus made the man to fall in deep sleep and, while this slept, he took to it the one of the ribs, closing place with meat. With the rib that he had taken off of the man, Mr. Deus made the woman he took and it until it. The man said then: ' ' This, yes, it is bone of my bones and meat of my meat! It will be called woman, because of the man he was tirada' '. Therefore, the man leaves father and mother and will join its woman, and them they will only become one carne.' ' At this moment we must launch an appropriate emphasis under the declaration of the man when it says ' ' bone of my bones and meat of mine carne' ' in what respect to the endorsement of God under the words of the man is said ' ' Therefore (what it means; by means of what you finished to say) ' ' they will only become one carne' '.