Anatomic Driver

The driver's seat is equipped with dvuhzamkovymi seatbelts. Ability to set floating cab suspension type, mounted on 4 – pneumatic, provide a more comfortable fit for the driver. It extinguishes the great fluctuations in any pavement. The steering wheel can be adjusted within + / -50 mm from the slope and 25 mm vertically. Cars with an engine capacity of 290 l / s and above are equipped with air conditioning with heater function. On most cars High class has climate control. The car is equipped with an extensive system of ventilation the cab. When designing the car was subjected to serious tests soundproofed cabin, at the expense of this has been achieve world-class noise inside the cabin.

The ergonomics of the driver's seat also meets the modern world trebovaniyam.Pribornaya panel Howo equipped with all necessary control panels: temperature control in cooling system Index Oil temperature indicator fuel consumption in real time, Index of effectiveness of internal combustion Index serviceability of electrical Sensors state of the system inlet and outlet. Index of air pressure in the pneumatic system. In addition, each truck is equipped with automatic self-diagnostic system. Chair truck Anatomic and equipped with electrically heated. In built-in lumbar support back inflates, which lets you adjust the seat for the driver of any body type. The upper part of the seat can also be controlled, it helps reduce fatigue cervical spine and shoulder girdle driver. Doors open at an angle 90 degrees.