Banks International

In the world there are a large number of banks that serve the needs of provision of economic resources of many people, so much so that in the territory of a country you can find a great number of banks of entities or different companies that offer to the general public a lot of services with the idea of being able to meet the economic needs that a person can haveeither because of money or that prompted a credit or loan of money; However since a long time will have left behind the banks who serve only a territory, opening field intentional banks which have been established in different parts of the world thanks to its development, keeping a point or central headquarters and around the planet has different subsidiaries or branches, which all offer the same services, so can meet the needs of today’s world that increasingly this more towards internationalization, by which a person seeks to have the same banking in different parts of the world, to the which is necessary to gain access to international banks. The emergence of international banks largely to trends in the world economy that is driven by globalization, which has as result the presence of a large number of changes within the banks and their way of acting, as well as in its organization and distribution, reaching international levels, resulting in last the emergence of international banks or the World Bank. So the growth of international trade in the last decades, it was the hand of the creation of different branches and subsidiaries a good amount of banks that broke the barriers of the territory to expand its coverage to various parts of the world, giving a great advance in the figure of international banks, so banks have managed to establish a physical location in other countries other than the place of origin and main center of operationsall this accompanying the growth of loans and therefore lenders at the multinational level. The institution that represents to the banks global or world banks, thanks to their conformation and structure that accompanies it can perform many levels, such as those developed by commercial banks, mortgage banks, investment banks, the societies of capitalization, financial leasing entities, like money market funds. No doubt international banks promoted and greatly facilitate trade and the placing of money in the market and the economy, underpinning with the presence of advantages as: through international banks both in efficiency and competitiveness, stimulation is achieved applying cost reduction.

International banks expand the range of services and products within a single institution users. International banks to channel a greater amount of resources facilitate economic development. International banks by their status, greatly reduce the liquidity risk in the absence of the realization of catchments. Original author and source of the Article