Central Committee

Of course, some products, such as pvc windows, made to order, so do not have a sealed packaging. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to verify their origin. "The production of pvc window profile to it is always applied special safeguard film. As a rule, it contains the manufacturer's logo – explains Rafik Alekperov (PROPLEKS). – It's the easiest sign by which we can determine, from a profile made the block. " In addition, any firm products are properly labeled. For example, if you look at rebate Profile proplex (surface of the leaf or frame on which is installed accessories), we can find extruded figures for the article, date manufacturing, the number of shifts and the production line.

Very often falsified easily identifiable by their appearance. For example, if the shell valves manufactured by casting, then the original it can different rough surface with the influx. A ball lock valves are branded diamond grinding, and then covered with nickel or chromium. Therefore, the ball has a perfect mirror surface, in contrast to fake – dull and rough. There are other similar examples. Thus, if the tile, which is issued for the well-known brand, is a forgery, then, as a rule, it is easy to identify on the faded picture and poor surface on which often drips, whitish edge, and sometimes small web of cracks – so-called Central Committee. Some manufacturers are actively educate consumers by spreading information on the differences of their products from counterfeits. Thus, the German company Honeywell, letting water filters, has launched a Russian website, on which pages can be accessed with the hallmarks of Counterfeit products under this trademark.

Finally, we must take responsibility for choosing the place of purchase. For example, as mentioned above, the imitation of high-quality electrical equipment may be difficult to distinguish from the original. Therefore, buy machines, rcd or circuit breakers should be in a specialized store (this may be the trademarks of ngo network "Electric" building hypermarkets Leroy Merlin or obi and etc.). Many manufacturers today are paying special attention to the distribution channels of its products. Thus, the Group propleks certification practice partners – manufacturers of windows, working on her profile system. In The audit, among other things, made a thorough audit of the production, use technology and equipment. Therefore, the presence of the window of a certificate of trust from the producer profile is for the customers additional guarantee of quality finished products. In conclusion: If you are unsure of the origin of goods – do not rush to make a purchase. Shortages in the construction market today is not, so you can easily find the right product at another location. Do not fall for dubious persuasions: the price of decoration materials, building construction or engineering equipment is determined, above all, the technology of production and cost raw materials used, regardless of country of origin. So if somewhere you are offered goods are 2-3 times cheaper than elsewhere, there is serious reason to question its origin. Probability of encountering counterfeit goods in the construction market today is really great. However, compliance with certain precautions can help minimize the risk of buying fakes. A little research exists on the date proposals, at least a superficial familiarity with the characteristics of the products you are interested, careful study of the appearance of the product and its packaging and, of course, a deliberate choice of the place of purchase – all this will avoid disappointments and unpleasant consequences.