Consulting Services In Asset Management

Software asset management (software) in the organization today – it is a necessity, the conditions for the adoption of which dictates the modern reality. Increasingly, the legislature of the Russian Federation there are initiatives to tougher policies against illegal used (counterfeit) software in the country. This was directly evidenced the recent increase in multiple testing podotvetstvennymi law enforcement agencies. The introduction of the same control over the licenses for software assets will provide the necessary protection in this case, would prevent the appearance of unauthorized copies of products for computers organization and, importantly, to optimize resource usage, to identify possible surplus in the licenses. From the economic standpoint it will save the showiness of your organization from business and technology risks will minimize the likelihood of unforeseen costs associated with delays and failures in the information system, and provide timely technical support for your products. Important! Management licenses (SAM) – a regular process of asset management SOFTWARE, in the organization.

The introduction of SAM helps to ensure effective use of available software products, to avoid a large number of risks and, as a result, have more stable, predictable, and therefore more profitable business. Unified policy management software licenses will: Increase efficiency and keep pace over time in the organizations where the software was acquired haphazardly and without supervision, often co-exist different versions of the same software and different software platforms. This leads to problems Compatibility, resulting in downtime and waste of time on routine operations. Thus, if the accountant used to working with Microsoft Office 97, and the staff of the marketing department provide her data in Microsoft Office XP, then accounting for their use would require additional conversions.