Contact Center

Interactive voice response (ivr) or in English the word – interactive voice response. ivr – a system of interactive voice interaction, which allows a subscriber using a special voice menu by pressing the keys in the tone mode or by voice (when applied speech recognition technology), access to information of interest to him. ivr may be used based on the pbx, or for routing calls within the contact center, providing a rational loading operators in accordance with their specialization. Despite the huge number of platforms to build and administer ivr-systems, virtually all “industrial” solutions include static and dynamic ivr-systems. Ivr-static system is based on elements of the voice menu, in which the subscriber is provided with a strictly limited amount of information in the form of pre-recorded voice messages. This type ivr, as a rule, can be used in the contact center to play a different greeting options, information on time spent in the queue, scrolling advertising messages while waiting. The possibility of static ivr, often “laid” in the standard functional solutions for contact centers, or implemented on the basis of cheap extra fees.

Dynamic ivr-system involves extracting the necessary information from databases in accordance with the routing rules developed by the company (for example, a subscriber can get help on the current status of your account, terms of promotion for prepaid subscribers, etc.). Ivr dynamic is quite different from the static, not only in functionality, but also on price performance. Despite the fact that the dynamic ivr mainly realized through software, to build a fairly complex process. For example, in Ukraine, not all system integrators, able to independently build and deploy ivr-system even from the leading manufacturers of contact centers. The most frequently ivr system used to route telephone calls in the contact center (eg, for rational load operators Competency or specialization), information services, assessing the quality of the contact center or service, auto attendant, an outgoing call switching, televoting etc. For quality and rational organization of the menu-based systems ivr need a clear understanding of customer needs and key objectives company.