Costs Of Opening A Business

Suffice it to say that the money was enough to completely cover the initial costs associated with opening the business. Even then, to my mind came to the disgrace simple idea. Why wait for applicants to its shopping mall, where I rented a studio space, when you might as well rent the same patch of space in the school and to work directly with applicants! All I need – this table for equipment and two chairs, one for himself and one for the client. Ideal – is, of course, turn right into the selection committee or in the neighboring room, next to the reception Commission. Thus, the entire target stream of applicants sent to you without going through the competition! And it is pure profit, and the first in my life a lot of money that I earned in the second year of the studio. Had satisfied with college because two of the biggest university of our city has been occupied "their" people with a similar idea.

As I learned later, relatives of management school, and they worked plotnenko more than one year, and I'm about to present their income level. But me and my 1,400 entrants, which I handled for two partial months, for your eyes enough. Per set of 6 photos I took 70 rubles. My rescue with this temporary studio I think it will be easy to find. Second, the main town in fotootdel I left on my girls-operators who have worked very well at this time, given the fact that in addition to photos to documents provides a full range of photographic services, and the sale of related products, which I did not have time in the studio at the college. Ie the idea itself is simple: in a short time apart from the main studio to open a second – the time at the school in the time period entrants. If you already have experience in opening a photo studio, the organization vremennnoy, facilitated by the studio, sharpened specifically for photos to documents, should take you no more than 4 days from scratch, ie, from negotiations with leadership of the institution, to organizing a temporary studio on site and producing the first photographs.

Of course, no cost and without its nuances and difficulties, and will not keep silent, as were mine, big jackpot just is not given. But as it turned out, everything can be solved, and the third year we are fully cooperating with the same college. In principle, the whole system worked out, some of the nuances here, I will not tell. Only when personal correspondence. All owners of the studios, became interested in this idea, be sure to answer all your questions. For those who do not have studio, are urged to read the proposal on the site .. Do the power of this business to anyone who has ever had in his hands a digital camera, do not miss your chance!