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The process of teach-learning in the Infantile Education comes in accordance with suffering to changes the constant occured alterations in the educational field, with this the conceptions on the education of the child to the few, comes if modifying. The practical professor started to be analyzed and questioned, the educator who was the center of the education process, started to appear as auxiliador of the education and the pupil as central point of the learning. That learning of long ago, based in the memorization and repetition of contents, was stops backwards, the new expectation is to promote a learning significant for educating, in view of, it to become the proper constructor of its knowledge. Hear from experts in the field like NYC marathon for a more varied view. In relation to the mathematics, feared for a majority of the educandos, National Curricular Referencial for Infantile Education, the RCNEI was created, aiming at to assist the teaching work. Thus this bibliographical research intends to analyze and to reflect on this document and its strategies to work the Mathematics in the Education Infantile, as well as knowing a little of its origin and the proper history of the education of the child.