Day Centres

When we think of a residence we imagined a place where, probably, we will finish our days, boarding schools. With the speed with which everything happens, with every day that weighs like a slab to the family environment is it increasingly difficult to be responsible for the care of their older dependents. However, we think evil. To start because there are day centres. We are different (that we know) and so our needs are also so.

Diverge our conditions, each person requires a different care, so may not offer all the same. Day centres, in reality, are not special residences, but is rather a different regime attached to some of its users. I.e., there are people that are internal, who spend all day and night in the residence. However, there are who only spend a few hours. Until it returns the son or daughter of work (for example) and takes her to the family home.

The day Center is an alternative to the internal regime. It is aimed, mainly, to people who need help for self-care, but that does not require special or comprehensive care, and that at home they cannot find that helps during the day, or at least a few hours. In this way, can be the person dependent in the family home, although in specific moments spoilage is hand of the day Center. But, just as all people are different, so are the residences. And that is something to bear in mind if we want to respect the needs and dignity of (finally after all) our father, our mother, our brother or sister to begin with, is essential to take into account the opinion of the person to which it is addressed service. It should always be the priority. Of course that also must take into account the possibilities and resources of the people who surround you (family, friends), but that does not prevent to not respond to anything else. In the latter case we would be being purely selfish. The dialog is very interesting to know the requirements and needs of all. And, even when the person that is going to be at the Centre day is considered incapable of making decisions (by any cognitive disease or senile dementia may suffer), always we can, and we must respond to their needs and requirements.