Dermastir Roller

As they are spending the years, the ring under the eye and bags under eyes are one of the problems that more worry to women and men to us. The contour of the eyes is one of the zones that our age exposes more and our glance is the attention center almost always when we are speaking with somebody. Therefore, all we wished that zone stays youngest possible and for it, the best thing is to come up or to act already! The zone of the contour of eyes, exactly underneath the eye, is the zone of our body with the most fragile skin reason why it needs special cares. Before they appear the ring under the eye, he is recommendable to be applied a contour of eyes from at least, the 25 years that are when our skin begins to lose its qualities and diminish their capacity of regeneration. When or we underwent the problem of the ring under the eye, it is necessary to consider if the problem must to retention of liquids (bags), to a bad circulation of the blood in the zone (bluish color of the skin) or to an excessive pigmentation of the skin (brown color). Generally, it is very important to enjoy a good night rest. If it is possible, he is very advisable to above sleep mouth and with the head lifted a little to avoid the retention of liquids.

The massages in the zone also are helpful for activating the circulation and eliminating liquids that produce the bags. The massage (without stretching the skin nor moving it of its site) is realised giving small taps from the tearful one of the eye towards sienes. Always very smoothly repeating the operation 5 times. It is necessary to have much precaution with the sun. To always protect the zone with a good solar cream. Not to take the sun if a treatment with hormones is being followed already can darken the zone of the ring under the eye and produce spots in the rest of the skin. A natural remedy that already used our grandmothers: one is to apply to two tea bags or manzanilla previously dampened in lukewarm water on the eyes during twenty minutes.

Its application allows to reduce the inflammation and therefore it reduces the bags, although logically its duration is provisional since it does not eliminate them. There are also specific products for the treatment of ring under the eye that with their regular use is reducing the problem and is appraised a remarkable improvement: Dermastir Roller despigmentante antiring under the eye : adapted for the ring under the eye in which the skin has darkened (brown color) Patches antiring under the eye Dermastir: these patches are applied before going to sleep and it is left act during all night. Eye-Slices discs legendary: Pleasant super sensation! In five minutes (maximum 10) you obtain that the contour of eyes is seen more enduring, fresh and with good tone.